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English: Jeremiah Payson
Current Italian: Jeremiah Payson
Translated by _YuSaKu_ Jan 07, 2013
English: Jilanne
Current Italian: Jilanne
Translated by _YuSaKu_ Jan 07, 2013
English: Jepetto Joybuzz
Current Italian: Geppetto Belgioioso
Translated by _YuSaKu_ Mar 04, 2013
English: Jadefang
Current Italian: Grinfiagiada
Translated by _YuSaKu_ Jan 09, 2013
English: Jaluu the Generous
Current Italian: Jaluu il Generoso
Translated by _YuSaKu_ Jan 08, 2013
English: Jorek Ironside
Current Italian: Jorek Rico
Translated by _YuSaKu_ Jan 07, 2013
English: Jademist Dancer
Current Italian: Danzatore Giadanube
Translated by _YuSaKu_ Sep 01, 2013
English: Jakur of Ordon
Current Italian: Jakur degli Ordon
Translated by _YuSaKu_ Mar 15, 2015
English: Jonathan Stephens
No current translation for Italian
  • 9 phrases found