English: Aldraan
Current French: Aldraan
Translated by deleted_90567 Oct 20, 2009
English: Changes the location of the tooltip containing the acquire information.
Current French: Change la position de la bulle d'aide contenant les informations d'acquisition.
Translated by Pettigrow Nov 16, 2009
English: Although you have already scanned this collection, your filters are currently preventing any collecables from being displayed. Please change your filters and try again.
Current French: Vos filtres vous empêchent d'afficher un quelconque résultat. Veuillez changer les réglages de vos filtres et réessayez.
Translated by lastdans Nov 04, 2009
English: Alt-Click to add/remove this collectable to your ignore list.
Current French: Alt-click pour ajouter/retirer cette entrée de votre liste d'objets ignorés
Translated by lastdans Nov 04, 2009
English: Acquisition
Current French: Acquisition
Translated by Pettigrow Oct 23, 2009
English: Apothecary Hummel
Current French: Apothicaire Hummel
Translated by Pettigrow Mar 07, 2010
English: Apothecary Furrows
Current French: Apothicaire Furrows
Translated by deleted_90567 Dec 26, 2010
English: Aeonaxx
Current French: Aeonaxx
Translated by Pettigrow Feb 18, 2011
English: Ayla Shadowstorm
Current French: Ayla Ombretempête
Translated by Sublima Jul 11, 2011
English: Astrid Langstrump
Current French: Astrid Langstrump
Translated by Noeudtribal Feb 15, 2012