Change log

    - Andy's good version Demonology and Destruction good
    - commit 5/18/12
    - fixed nil return from UnitCreatureFamily when player is mounted
    - initial demonology commit
    - initial commit of demonology module
Deronda at Stormreaver:
    - Added local pointer to UnitPower for speed gain.
    - Added rangePerSkill field to TDB.
    - Added somewhat hacky code to remove the default clcInfo warlock modules _destruction and _global and their corresponding options loaders.  The _destruction module is not as comprehensive nor uptodate as the one in clcInfo_Warlock, and the _generic module is simply broken.  This saves the user from potential confusion during configuration.  If the _generic module is ever fixed we should "turn it on" again.
    - Fixed bug where current casting time was incorrectly being factored in to cooldown and (de)buff time calculations. Prettified code:  * replaced any existing tabs with spaces  * limited all lines to a maximum of 80 characters.
    - Removed extraneous line of code and fixed spell id typo.
    - Fixed bugs with Conflagrate travel time/in-flight code.
    - Fixed bug where in flight checks were using current_time instead of GetTime() Also added code to check if the Backdraft proc from Conflagrate was "in flight".
    - Fixed bug with calculation of cast_left on a gcd spell.
    - Fixed an issue where the gcd_duration is sometimes zero when it should be the length of the gcd.
    - Increased travel time guess for Immolate to 0.55 seconds. Fixed bug where current_time was not being incremented for non-channelling gcd spells.
    - Removed in flight checks for Soul Fire when Empowered Imp procs or Soulburn is up. Adjusted some comments.
    - Took clip time off Bane of Agony check. Removed commented out code in destro module.
    - Added code to provide a multiplier for cast times to Warlock Rotation. This allows the user to account for speed changes with specific spells. Also added a destro function to calculate if backdraft will be popping or dropping.
    - Bane of Doom action now checks for Bane of Agony as well.
    - Added "PLAYER" filter to DoTs.
    - Removed an extraneous comment.
    - Initial development commit. Afflication and Demo code outstanding.


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May 28, 2012
Game version
  • 4.3.4
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