Basic Setup

Please refer to the clcInfo pages for in depth instructions. This is a basic setup using a current spell and next spell icon.

  1. type /clcinfo in chat to open the clcinfo option window
  2. Select Templates on the left side bar
  3. Click Add template
  4. Select the new template (Template1) on the left sidebar
  5. Give it a label (ex: Destruction) and click Okay
  6. Select Primary Tree: Destruction
  7. Select Distinctive talent: Tree: Destruction, Talent: Chaos Bolt, Rank: 1
  8. Select when you want it to be active: Solo, Party, etc...

Now Select Icons on the left sidebar

  1. Click Add Icon A new icon entry will appear below "Icon1"
  2. Click Icon1 on the left sidebar
  3. Give it the label "Spell1" and click Okay
  4. Click Unlock to allow moving it around (the icon should show up in the middle of your screen)
  5. Click the Behavior tab at the top
  6. Choose Categories: Warlock | Destruction, Templates: Destruction Rotation Skill 1 (return IconDestruction() will be inserted above)
  7. Go to the "Layout tab to move and size the new icon, you can drag it to position and resize using the Width and Height slider.

Repeat the above Icon instructions and choose Templates: Destruction Rotation Skill 2 for the next Behavior.

You can create additional icons using Categories: Warlock and select from the Templates drop down list the spell you want to track. This is how you set up the tracking for Shadowflame, Shadowburn, Fel Armor and Dark Intent.

Once they are in position and sized, be sure to click Lock for each icon

You can make some adjustments to Spell Priority and Prediction, but the defaults work well. Under Class Modules on the left Sidebar click DestroWarlock (Do not click the tab labeled "Destruction", it is for the default destruction template)

If Spell1 or Spell2 are suggesting spells you have already cast due to server lag, increase the value of Debuff Delay slightly.

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Jan 21, 2012
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Jan 27, 2012