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Main Features

This addon has been merged with Affliction and Demonology module to become clcInfo_Warlock!
Please download from this Curse link:

This addon will no longer be maintained separately. All suggestions and feedback should be given at the new link.

Thank you for your support!

clcInfo_DestoWarlock is a plugin for the clcInfo rotation and cooldown tracking addon. This module is a significant improvement over the destruction warlock module included with clcInfo.

PLEASE NOTE: You must create a template and icons within clcInfo, you will not see anything on the screen until you do this. There is a link to the clcInfo addon below with examples and instructions. You may also refer to Basic Setup for a quick two icon setup.

Destruction Rotation Features:

  • Provides current spell and next spell rotation tracking.
  • Improved Soul Fire, Immolate, Bane of Doom and Corruption are tracked on the player or target.
  • Cast time and travel time to target calculated based on distance for accurate buff and debuff refreshes.
  • 8 yard distance to target used to determine if Shadowflame is recommended in rotation.
  • An icon to indicate if target is in range of Shadowflame.
  • Bane of Doom has a low priority refresh tracker, but will move to high priority in the last five seconds. This usually allow a Bane of Doom refresh to replace an Incinerate or Chaos Bolt filler.
  • Additional reminder times may be set for Immolate, Soul Fire and Corruption.
  • Chaos Bolt is skipped when spell haste is 50% or greater as recommended by EJ for 4.3.
  • User settable debuff delay to allow for server response time.This prevents spell from being recommended when they have just been cast, but are waiting for the client to be updated.
  • Spell priority is fully configurable through the clcInfo Options GUI or by chat command line.

Additional Warlock Features:

  • Shadowburn available tracking icon
  • Demon Soul available tracking icon
  • Dark Intent not cast tracking icon
  • Fel Armor not cast tracking icon


Additional Technical Information
Technical Discussion

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  • Avatar of andr0id andr0id Jan 15, 2012 at 20:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Per request, added a negative icon to track Dark Intent buff

    Also, figured out how to remove the built in destruction skill 1 from the behavior template before adding this one in.

  • Avatar of andr0id andr0id Jan 12, 2012 at 01:02 UTC - 0 likes

    I've added info icons for Demon Soul and Fel Armor

    The Demon Soul will appear when less than 5 seconds are left on the cooldown.

    Fel Armor is a negative icon. It will appear when you do NOT have Fel Armor up. The best use is to make a big icon right in the middle of the screen to remind you to cast it after you die.

    Also, these templates are found on the Behavior tab of an icon. Under categories, select Warlock, then they will show up on the Templates drop down menu.

    Last edited Jan 12, 2012 by andr0id
  • Avatar of andr0id andr0id Jan 10, 2012 at 02:12 UTC - 0 likes

    I figured out the integration with the clcInfo options GUI and all of the settings can now be configured there.

    No further changes in functionality.

  • Avatar of andr0id andr0id Jan 09, 2012 at 03:41 UTC - 0 likes

    I reworked Bane of Doom based on a suggestion from LockyMyBllz on mmo Champion.

    bd2 will refresh Bane of Doom with less than 15 seconds remaining down to 5 seconds remaining. bd2 should be at a low pri on the queue. I put it just in front of Chaos Bolt.

    bd will take over at high priority at less than 5 seconds remaining.

    Here is the priority I am using: sbsf isf imm con bd cor sf eisf bd2 cb sb inc inc2

    since this works so nice, I have removed clipbaneofdoom.

    I'm still working on the GUI, thanks for your patience.

    Last edited Jan 09, 2012 by andr0id
  • Avatar of andr0id andr0id Jan 07, 2012 at 00:27 UTC - 0 likes

    I've updated code for the preload on the casting, travel and clip times.

    The module will account for cast time and travel time of the spell to the target. You should only set the clip time to the amount of time you want the spell to be queued in advance.

    For example, if you set clipisf to 0, and were to hard cast Soul Fire exactly when it appeared on IconDestruction1() then it would hit exactly as the buff timer hit zero.

    Since clcInfo comes with a default destro warlock module, I'm having a bit of trouble with the options UI not picking up the right settings.

    Never fear! The command line interface works and the following commands are available:

    /clcinfo destro_opt clipXXX N

    debuffdelay, clipISF, clipimmolate, clipcorruption, clipbaneofdoom

    I set debuffdelay to .65 and the clips to 2.0 except for bane which I set to 5 and I'm getting a good rotation

    debuffdelay will probably vary most based on your ping time.

    Last edited Jan 07, 2012 by andr0id
  • Avatar of andr0id andr0id Jan 05, 2012 at 22:34 UTC - 0 likes

    Provides a destruction warlock rotation helper plugin for clcInfo.

    You will need to install:

    1. clcInfo (obviously)
    2. LibRangeCheck-2.0

    I create 3 icons with the following names(sizes) and Behavior:

    Spell1 (48x48) : return IconDestruction1() cast this now!

    Spell2 (36x36) : return IconDestruction2() next spell in the queue

    Shadowflame (24x24) () return IconShadowflame() indicates you are in Shadowflame range of current target.

    Shadowburn (36x36) : return IconShadowburn() indicates Shadowburn is up

    The Class Modules/Destruction General and Priority tabs are still under construction. Most of these setting are hard coded right now and work well for me, but I welcome feedback on what you would like to be user configurable.

    Last edited Jan 05, 2012 by andr0id


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Dec 23, 2011
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Jan 27, 2012
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