73 - Rogue class abilities

Rogues have been changed somewhat in cataclysm, and thus have new (and removed) abilities and talents with duration;

- Remorseless Attacks (assassination talent) no longer exist.
- Deadly Momentum (assassination talent) added
- Bandit's guile (combat talent) has three components: Shallow Insight, Moderate Insight and Deep Insight
- Feint (standard ability) now also has a buff
- Blade flurry no longer has a duration and is now a toggled ability
- Tricks of the trade (standard ability) has two components: a buff to give away threat, and a buff for being the receiver of tricks of the trade threat and damage bonus component, both with the same name (tricks of the trade)
- Premeditation (subtlety talent) has a duration
- Combat readiness (standard ability) has two components: Combat Readiness and Combat Insight

- Glyph of Hemorrhage (glyphed subtlety talent) now has a dot effect
- Find Weakness (now a subtlety talent) added

- Riposte no longer exist
- Smoke Bomb (standard ability) added

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