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Important Note:
The current Blizzard implementation has a critical design error: The "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" options does not include the pets and mounts section, which means that it's possible to create an unique account-fingerprint with this 2 datasets! This means also that this addon is useless because of this Blizzard bug. This also means that you can do nothing to avoid an account-fingerprint and so everybody can see all characters from an account (level 10+).
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With Mists of Pandaria it's possible to get all characters from an account
via 'data-mining' the armory using the 'Community Platform API'.
This is possible by matching account-wide achievements (which can produce
a unique account-fingerprint) between different character-datasets.
Prior Mists of Pandaria this was NOT possible!

Blizzard added an option to disable such 'data-mining'-actions, BUT this
option is DISABLED by DEFAULT.
You need to ENABLE "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" with
each character (Interface -> Game -> Display).

This addon simply checks if you have enabled this option. If this option
is disabled this addon automatically enables it and shows a message in

Blizzard MUST ENABLE this option by DEFAULT, or better:
change logic, change text and make a real OPT-IN feature.


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Date created
Aug 23, 2012
Last updated
Oct 07, 2012