Cast Time Analysis

Cast Time Analysis is an addon designed to give feedback to Casters to improve their play in a PvE environment. The goal of a caster in most boss fights is to remain either casting or in a global cooldown at all times while maintaining a proper rotation. While Cast Time Analysis won't help with the latter, it will give you feedback after every fight (or boss fight), notifying you how much time you spent actually casting.

Type /cta or /casttimeanalysis for configuration.

Cast Time Analysis reports the following values:

  • Quiet - Time spent not doing anything, typically from moving around.
  • Dead - Time spent dead, if you choose to enable waiting for raid combat.
  • Lag - Time between when you send a spell cast to the server and when the server starts or completes it.
  • Wasted - Time spent casting a spell that is ultimately interrupted or cancelled by the user.
  • Used - Time spent in actual casts. This is further broken down into "Channel", "Global", and "Cast" for your benefit.


  • Boss Only - Enables reporting only on boss fights.
  • Raid Combat - Waits until the entire raid is out of combat to report. Time spent dead will be logged as such.
  • Report Deaths - If you are using raid combat, this will allow you to show time spent dead as part of your breakdown or simply subtract it out.

While this addon is very simple in its current state, there is much potential for growth to help fine tune the accuracy reports you get back. I would also like to note that although I have done a decent amount of testing on this as a Fire Mage, I do not have access to much else, so I am at the mercy of feedback from the community when it comes to other casters.

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Date created
Sep 16, 2010
Last updated
Sep 22, 2010