Cartographer is a modular, lightweight, and efficient framework for manipulation of the world map. It is based on Ace2 and other libraries of the Ace community. Battlegrounds : allows viewing of battlegrounds outside of the zone. Coordinates : adds coordinates to the bottom of the world map of the player and the cursor. Foglight : Shows unexplored areas on the map. replacement for MozzFullWorldMap or Unexplorer. Much more efficient, though. Group Colors : turns all your party's and your raid's POIs into circles colored based on class, and shows a number on them based on their raid group. Instance Maps : shows maps of instances. Instance Notes : adds boss notes and such to instance maps. Look 'n' Feel : allows you to change the transparency, position, and scale of the world map. Notes : lets you put notes on the map, similar to MapNotes. Professions : automatically tracks herbs and minerals. Zone Info : on hovering over a zone, it will show the levels of the zone, the instances in the zone, their levels, and the number of men the instance is made for (e.g. 5-man, 40-man).

TO INSTALL: Put the Cartographer folder, Cartographer_Herbalism, and Cartographer_Mining into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\

If you find _any_ bugs, feel free to submit them at

If you want to request any features, feel free to submit your ideas at



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Date created
Dec 05, 2006
Last updated
Jul 08, 2008