2 - Addon failed to load

What is the issue?
Addon loads fine for some toons, sporradically or not at all for others

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I am using version 1.3.2
I used other addons.  It could be a timing issue if my other addons are taking too much time to load.  However, when the addon successfully loaded on one toon with 80 mb of addons running, while another with 20 mb didn't load at all.  I will tinker with some potential addon conflicts.
The in-game calendar has a delay in retrieving events.  Can redundant/premature clicks on events cause load errors?

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    I haven't personally seen it not get loaded yet, and looking at the files, nothing really jumps out that could fail randomly. If you manage to find a way to reproduce the problem, or if there are any error messages popping up, then it would be very helpful.

    Clicking of events shouldn't matter, the addon loads during the time you've clicked to open the calendar, and just before it actually opens. By the time you can see the calendar and events, the addon should already be running.

    The addon modifies the calendar frames a bit, so if there's another addon tinkering with the calendar in any way then conflicts are very possible, though if you can pinpoint an addon that would cause conflicts then that info would also be appreciated :)

    Edit: One thing you could try is, to run this command ingame, after you've opened the calendar and the addon has failed to load.

    /run print(type(CalendarExtras), type(CalendarExtras.ADDON_LOADED))

    It should print "table, nil" if the addon was succesfully loaded, and possibly something else when it doesn't, let me know what it says when it doesn't load.

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