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Re-enabling the " Filter out addon Mistakes " option


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hi there , since i think near end of Cataclysm the BugSack is no longer giving us the option to (un)check for Addon Mistakes or more commonly know as Taint issue's these days , and that particular option is sorely missed :) ,

Since Mist of pandaria was Released the amount of Taint issue's  has quadrupled because of several changes to the Base code of the Game making them less " safe " from addon interactions , Blizzard has already commented that they will not change the game for 3rd party addon's they do not officially Support and several addon authors can not stop these taints from happening or it will hamper the addons function and in terms the addon cathing these taints over and over for no real reason and completly @ random it more then just a tad annoying :p ,

so this is my plea for you to help us all with adding this old beloved option back so we be more in peace and not bother authors for things they can not control or fix anyway :)


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    Despite the common misbelief, authors CAN control and fix taint issues. Locating them is the hard part.

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