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ADDON_CALL_PROTECTED [%s] AddOn '%s' tried to call the protected function '%s'.

ADDON_CALL_PROTECTED_MATCH ^%[(.*)%] (AddOn '.*' tried to call the protected function '.*'.)$

ADDON_DISABLED |cffffff00!BugGrabber and %s cannot coexist; %s has been forcefully disabled. If you want to, you may log out, disable !BugGrabber, and enable %s.|r

BUGGRABBER_STOPPED |cffffff00There are too many errors in your UI. As a result, your game experience may be degraded. Disable or update the failing addons if you don't want to see this message again.|r

ERROR_DETECTED %s |cffffff00captured, click the link for more information.|r

ERROR_UNABLE |cffffff00!BugGrabber is unable to retrieve errors from other players by itself. Please install BugSack or a similar display addon that might give you this functionality.|r

NO_DISPLAY_1 |cffffff00You seem to be running !BugGrabber with no display addon to go along with it. Although a slash command is provided for accessing error reports, a display can help you manage these errors in a more convenient way.|r

NO_DISPLAY_2 |cffffff00The standard display is called BugSack, and can probably be found on the same site where you found !BugGrabber.|r

NO_DISPLAY_STOP |cffffff00If you don't want to be reminded about this again, run /stopnag.|r

STOP_NAG |cffffff00!BugGrabber will not nag about missing a display addon again until next patch.|r

USAGE |cffffff00Usage: /buggrabber <1-%d>.|r

  • 11 phrases found