Broker Factions is an LDB data source that provides an easy way to monitor your reputation with the various factions.


This addon was originally written by Tristanian, using FactionsFu (Elkano) and the older Titan Factions (Phanx) as inspiration. When he stopped playing, I inquired and eventually took over the codebase from him. Many thanks for his contributions to this addon. My first version uses significant portions of his code with many of my own additions to align it to my coding standards.


Configuration options are reached by right clicking on the plugin.

  • Provides a tooltip where all faction reputations are summarized. Details can be customized in the configuration panel.
  • Provides a button where the addon's monitored reputation can be shown. You can select the faction you wish to monitor from either the configuration panel or by simply left clicking on it from the tooltip.
  • Session gains can be shown on both the button and the tooltip.

Translation help

Please use the new wowace localization system if you'd like to help out. Also, create a ticket so that I can give you credit in the addon. You can find documentation for the localization system here:


New to LDB?

You can find a great description, and links to more information here:


Comments, Suggestions or Problems?

Comments are disabled for this project. Please use the ticketing system if you wish to provide feedback.

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Date created
Feb 15, 2011
Last updated
May 15, 2011