Activates and displays a scrolling slider bar, for the tooltip.

Appends a '+' label suffix to collapsed faction headers (assuming collapsed headers are shown).

Appends faction standing, to the button label.

Appends percentage values to the button label.

Appends raw numbers in the form of (xxx/xxxx), to the button label.

Appends remaining reputation to reach the next standing, to the button label.

Appends session reputation gains in the form of [xxx], to the button label.

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Auto faction watch on reputation gains

Automatically sets the faction watched on the button/block to the last faction you gained reputation with.

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Change color of percentages/raw numbers/'to go' according to faction reputation standing.

Click header lines to expand/contract

Colorize faction statistics

Ctrl+Left Click

Database upgraded to %s

Database Version : 

Display Debug

DISPLAY_DEBUG_DESC Checked to display DEBUG information

DISPLAY_HIDEEXALTED_DESC Check to hide Exalted factions in the tooltip

Display Options

DISPLAY_OPTIONS_DESC Options that change the way data is displayed in the tooltip

DISPLAY_SHOWCOLLAPSED_DESC Check to display collapsed headers

DISPLAY_SHOWGAINS_DESC Check to display session gains

DISPLAY_SHOWHINTS_DESC Check to display tooltip hints

DISPLAY_SHOWPERC_DESC Check to display percentage complete

DISPLAY_SHOWRAW_DESC Check to display raw values

DISPLAY_SHOWREMAIN_DESC Check to display remaining rep to next level

Draws the icon on the minimap.

Enable Scrolling



Faction index not yet initialized !

Faction Monitoring



GENERAL_INFO_DESC Version and author information

General Information