Broker: TimeToExecute


Broker: TimeToExecute

Uses linear regression and a log of hitpoint values to estimate how long
a boss has left to die and reach execute range.

Requires a LibDataBroker Display Addon, like StatBlockCore or

Mathematics are based on the TimeToExecute Addon developed by
Tifordin in 2009.


  • Two estimates: one to execute time and one to kill time.
  • Flexible timer uses the configured amount of historic data to
    determine how quickly the target unit is currently dropping. Because
    only recent data is considered, the estimate will automatically adjust
    to factor in heroism/bloodlust, DPS deaths, execute range, DPS
    stoppage phases, etc. Because only historic data is used, there is no
    prediction made for future heroism/bloodlust, etc.
  • Ability to track focus (enabled by default). If there is an enemy unit
    that is alive and focussed, the timers will track the focus instead of
    the current target. If the focus dies (or there is no focus set),
    tracking reverts back to the target.
  • Configurable execute percentage.
  • Configurable history time (increasing means slower adjusting to recent
    events, but more resilience against temporary bursts or drops).
  • Configurable refresh time (default 0.2 sec).


  • /timetoexecute slash command
  • Alt+click the displayed addon for a configuration interface
  • Blizzard Interface options dialog
  • Configuration can be changed during fights, to adjust as quick as


You can help localise this addon. Fortunately there is not a lot to
translate, other than configuration.

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Date created
Sep 17, 2013
Last update
Feb 25, 2015
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MIT License
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Broker: TimeToExecute
Recent files
  • R: 1.1.1 for 6.1.0 Feb 25, 2015
  • R: 1.1 for 6.0.3 Dec 02, 2014
  • R: 1.0.3 for 6.0.3 Nov 03, 2014
  • R: 1.0.2 for 6.0.2 Oct 15, 2014
  • R: 1.0.1 for 5.4.2 Jan 06, 2014