Broker: MicroClock

Broker: MicroClock

Simple time display, with micro menu and memory usage tooltip.

Requires a LibDataBroker Display Addon, like StatBlockCore or


  • 24-hour or 12-hour mode
  • Can display multiple times (local time, realm time, universal time)
  • Optional display of seconds
  • Optional Micro Menu in tooltip
  • Optional, configurable memory usage in tooltip
  • Left click opens the calendar or Group Calendar 5 if available
  • Right click opens the stopwatch


  • /microclock slash command
  • Alt+click the displayed addon for a configuration interface
  • Blizzard Interface options dialog


You can help localise this addon. Fortunately there is not a lot to
translate, other than configuration.

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Date created
Apr 17, 2013
Last updated
Jan 06, 2014