Broker: LootSpec

Broker: LootSpec

Simple loot specialisation display with specialisation selection in its

Requires a LibDataBroker Display Addon, like StatBlockCore or

Also known as:

  • Broker_LootSpec
  • Broker: Loot Specialisation
  • Broker: Loot Specialization


  • Displays the currently active loot specialisation
  • Adds an asterisk (*) when loot specialisation is in the default
    "current specialisation" mode
  • Mouse-over tooltip to change the loot specialisation
  • Left click toggles tooltip for loot specialisation changing as well,
    for those who have mouseover tooltips disabled in combat
  • Right click to toggle the Dungeon Journal
  • When clicked and the Dungeon Journal is opened, filters are set
    for the selected loot specialisation and dungeon you are in
  • When switching loot specialisation while the Dungeon Journal is
    open, filters and dungeon are set as well


  • There is no configuration (since there is nothing to configure)
  • Looks (icon display, font and the like) depend on the
    Display Addon you use


You can help localise this addon. Fortunately there is really not a
lot to translate.

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Date created
May 23, 2013
Last updated
Jan 06, 2014