A simple LDB display for Windowed Mode vs. Full Screen, with toggling either by click or keybind.

You don't need LDB to use this. The keybind feature works on its own, in Blizzard's keybind interface, with or without LDB.

Known Issues

Some users experience instability after toggling Windowed Mode many times. This is due to WoW, drivers, or both, not the mod. If you experience this, the mod is still useful; you just have to be sparing and only toggle when it's important.


Translations are welcome, and will be given credit! You can either send them to me directly, or use the WowAce translation app. Thanks!


German - Illitrivi
Korean - Sayclub
Traditional Chinese - BNSSNB
Simplified Chinese - zhTW

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Date created
Aug 28, 2010
Last updated
May 11, 2011