Change log

Version 3.3.5
- Updated for Patch 4.3.0.

Version 3.3.4
- Updated for Patch 4.2.0.
- Added an icon for Ampere.

Version 3.3.3
- Updated for Patch 4.1.0.

Version 3.3.2
- Fixed some stupid but major bugs. Many thanks to zaphon and doxxx for spotting these.
- Added a much requested Swap option which swaps the order of local time and server time in the display.

Version 3.3
- Updated for Patch 4.0.1.
- Re-written again to (hopefully) be even more efficient.
- Fixed a bug caused by Blizzard removing the "Show Clock" option in Patch 4.0.1.
- Removed unneeded libraries.

Version 3.2.3
- Updated for Patch 3.2.0.
- Library update.

Version 3.2.2
- Fixed calendar toggle for users with GroupCalendar version 5.

Version 3.2.1
- Added some more sounds for the hourly chime, recommended by Nandini.
- Fixed a bug which caused the hourly chime to play 60 times. Whoops.

Version 3.2
- Added an option to chime at the top of every hour. The chime sound is configurable.
- Added an option to show or hide Blizzard's minimap clock.
- Configuration has been moved to Blizzard's Interface Options frame.

Version 3.1.4
- The current month should no longer display as "26" for Korean clients.

Version 3.1.3
- Fixed a problem with Simplified Chinese translations not being registered.
- Fixed the names of weekdays not being translated for non-Korean clients.
- Fixed the names of months not being translated for non-English clients.

Version 3.1.2
- Added Korean (koKR), Simplified Chinese (zhCN) and Traditional Chinese (zhTW) translations. Thanks, Damjau and Sparanoid!

Version 3.1.1
- Added support for multiple localizations. Translators needed!

Version 3.1
- Added support for the UTC time format.
- Removed the text colour options, as most Broker Displays already have text colouring options.

Version 3.0.3
- Updated for Patch 3.1.0.

Version 3.0.2
- You can now choose to show local time, realm time, or both in the display.
- Restructured the tooltip slightly. Today's date is now shown at the top, with local and server times underneath.

Version 3.0.1
- Fixed the offset of "uClock" in the dropdown menu.
- Fixed a bug where the tooltip would remain shown when you open the dropdown menu.

Version 3.0
- Re-written to use Ace-3.0 and LibDataBroker-1.1.

Version 2.0.12
- Removed unused libraries to shrink download file size.

Version 2.0.11
- Added an icon (can be disabled).
- Added hints to the tooltip.
- Shift-clicking the plugin should now toggle GroupCalender if it is installed, or Blizzard's Calendar if not.

Version 2.0.9
- Bugfixes. Coding in the middle of the night is bad, m'kay?

Version 2.0.8
- Having the "Show Coloured Text" option enabled should now make the text white instead of FuBar's default yellow.

Version 2.0.7
- Updated for Patch 3.0.2.
- Added Server Time display. Game Time can now be found in the tooltip.
- Added options to show seconds and show 12hr format.
- Shift-clicking the plugin will now toggle Blizzard's Calendar.
- Right-clicking the plugin will show uClock's options frame.

Version 1.0.6
- Initial public release.


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Jan 07, 2012
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