Broker Statistics

Create custom statistic

How to create a custom statistic.

The only limitation with custom statistics is your imagination. :)

Let see how it works and what we can do with it, with some simple examples.

Add new custom

Enter a name and click "Create", names are unique.

Empty custom

After clicking create it will add a new section below the "Add New" one. Here it is named "Exemple". When overing an option it will display an explanation tooltip.

Display the value of "Savage Defense" shield

Savage Defense Example

The code used:

local name,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,_, val = UnitBuff("player", "Savage Defense");

if ( name ) then
    return val;
    return "0";

The result

Savage Defense example result inactiv
Savage Defense example result activ

Display the server time

Server time example

The code used:

local h, m = GetGameTime();
if ( strlen(h) == 1 ) then h = "0"..h; end
if ( strlen(m) == 1 ) then m = "0"..m; end
return h, m

The result

Server time example result


The code need to return a value, if the code got an error it will tell you in the chat window the error string and the custom statistic name.

When using "Round" be sure to return numbers or it will spam your chat.