Change log

2012-04-08  John  <[email protected]>

[7eb2963eea7d] [tip]
* Core.lua Gui.lua Looting.lua State.lua breuesk.toc

Further splitting up GUI and State
Starting to integrate looting events

2012-04-07  John  <[email protected]>

* Comm.lua Core.lua Gui.lua Lists.lua State.lua

Big progress towards GUI usefulness and communication between clients

2012-04-03  John  <[email protected]>

* Gui.lua Lists.lua State.lua breuesk.toc

Starting to track loot state separately

2012-03-29  John  <[email protected]>

* Core.lua Gui.lua Lists.lua breuesk.toc

Decent sketch of what the communication system might look like

* Core.lua Gui.lua

Working on bids/rolls in the GUI
Added debug mode to populate things with dummy data.

2012-03-28  John  <[email protected]>

* Core.lua Gui.lua Lists.lua

Event chaining from the data storage to the GUI elements

2012-03-27  John  <[email protected]>

* Gui.lua

Getting the rest of the UI elements to respond intuitively

* Core.lua

Convenience command to build and populate a brand new list

2012-03-26  John  <[email protected]>

* Gui.lua

Significant effort to start making the GUI behave in an intuitive way.

But it's still completely useless ...

* SelectorList.lua

Slightly more tasteful anchoring. Only slightly.

* Gui.lua

Left side of the GUI works ...

* Utility.lua

Stop recursion loops

2012-03-26  John  <[email protected]>

* SelectorList.lua


2012-03-25  John  <[email protected]>

* Gui.lua

Not leaking resources is better ...

* Gui.lua

Escape button impl. Disabled for the moment

* Gui.lua

Starting to use userdata

* Lists.lua

Todo update

* Core.lua Gui.lua

Settling in on a layout I like

* breuesk.toc

Officially dropping ListWidget

* SelectorList.lua

Added power to tooltips (can show item popups)
Added interactive and non-interactive modes (ie items are not selectable)

2012-03-24  John  <[email protected]>

* SelectorList.lua

Scroller functional

* SelectorList.lua

First pass. Taking stuff from TreeGroup that I like/need/want in order to make a standalone selection list

2012-03-21  John  <[email protected]>

* Gui.lua

Updating to use the new APIs

* Lists.lua

Some API updates

* Core.lua Lists.lua

Sweeping refactor to compartmentalize the various lists and to give them nice interfaces. Disentangled dependency web significantly

* Utility.lua

Kind of useful. I've accidentally gotten a table as the key before.

2012-03-16  John  <[email protected]>

* Utility.lua


* Lists.lua


2012-03-15  John  <[email protected]>

* Lists.lua

Start of sketch of a List object

* Core.lua Lists.lua Utility.lua breuesk.toc

Refactoring some very simple items to a Utility file


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