Blood Shield Tracker



Absorbed/Total Shields/Percent:

Absorbs Tracked

AbsorbsTracked_OptionDesc Determines the absorbs tracked.  |cff00ff00All|r tracks every absorb.  |cff00ff00Selected|r tracks only the selected absorbs.  |cff00ff00All Minus Selected|r tracks all absorbs except the ones selected.



All Minus Selected

Alternate Minimum

AlternateMinimum_OptDesc If this value is non-zero, the bar will change to the optimal color when the estimated Death Strike Heal or Blood Shield is equal to or greater than this value.  It will override the calculated minimum Death Strike Heal or Blood Shield.

AMSBar_Desc This bar tracks your Anti-Magic Shell absorb and time remaining.


Anchor_Desc These settings allow a bar to be aligned to another bar or UI item.  These settings override the x, y coordinates.  The bar will automatically re-position based on the anchor.

Anchor_OptDesc Anchors the bar to the selected UI item.

Anchor Point

AnchorPoint_OptDesc The point on the anchor to attach to.

Anti-Magic Shell Bar


Applied Sound

AppliedSoundDesc The sound to play when a Blood Shield is applied.

Bar Background Color

BarBackgroundColor_LowHealth_OptionDesc Color to use for the background of the bar when health is low.

BarBackgroundColor_OptionDesc Color to use for the background of the bar.

Bar Color

BarColor_OptionDesc Change the color of the bar.

Bar Depleted Color

BarHeight_Desc Change the height of the bar.

Bar Point

BarPoint_OptDesc The point on this bar that is aligned to the anchor.

BarTextColor_OptionDesc Changes the color of the text on the bar.

BarTexture_OptionDesc Texture to use for the bar.

BarWidth_Desc Change the width of the bar.


Blood Charge Bar

BloodChargeBar_Desc This bar tracks your Blood Charges gained from the Blood Tap talent.

BloodChargeProgress_OptionDesc Sets what the progress bar of the Blood Charge Bar tracks.  It can be set to the time remaining, the current numbers of charges, or none if the bar should not change.

Blood Shield

Blood Shield Bar

BloodShieldBarColor_OptionDesc Change the color of the blood shield bar.

BloodShieldBar_Desc The Blood Shield Bar is displayed any time a Blood Shield is present on the Death Knight.  The bar will calculate the initial, maximum value of the shield and will track the remaining value of the shield based on incoming absorbed attacks.  When the shield is removed from the Death Knight, the bar will be removed.

Blood Shield bar height