Blood Legion Cooldown

8 - Shadow Priest Void Shift No Longer Tracked

Patch 5.3 changed Void Shift and gave Shadow Priests a longer cooldown.  To do this Blizzard made it two different spells one used by Holy/Disc the other by Shadow.

Spell ID 142723 is for the new Shadow Void Shift, which has a 10 minute cooldown
Spell ID 108968 is the old Void Shift which now has a 5 minute cooldown.

Since I don't remember the internals, I can't remember if each spell ID gets a button or if it was based on the name you gave the cooldown.  It would be nice if the two spells used the same button though (like Tranquility does, although those use the same Spell ID)

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    I can add the shadow version as a separate ability easily, I'll need to work out doing it combined (will need a few rewrites).

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