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Key: warn_desc
English: Tell your raid what to do with a Raid Warning, requires Raid Leader or Raid Officer.
Current Traditional Chinese: 用團隊警告通知團隊該做什麼,需要團隊隊長或助理。
Translated by chenyuli Jul 17, 2013
Key: wrongdifficulty
English: Wrong difficulty (or maybe you are not in an instance)! Change to either 10 H or 25 H, then try again.
Current Traditional Chinese: 錯誤的團隊副本難度(或是你並不在副本裡)! 變更為10人英雄或25人英雄模式再試試看。
Translated by chenyuli Jul 16, 2013
Key: warnfordeath
English: Remember, when you accept a combat res, it's possible that it'll be instantly your turn to soak again. Be prepared!
Current Traditional Chinese: 記住,當你接受戰鬥復活時,有可能直接輪到你又要吃動盪生命。準備好!
Translated by chenyuli Jul 18, 2013
  • 3 phrases found