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Key: toggleloc_desc
English: Toggle whether or not the Ra-den Assist window should be locked or not.
Current Traditional Chinese: 切換萊公助手視窗的鎖定狀態
Translated by chenyuli Jul 16, 2013
Key: triangle
Current Traditional Chinese: 三角
Translated by chenyuli Jul 22, 2013
Previous Traditional Chinese: TRIANGLE
Translated by zhTW May 08, 2013
Key: thirdredkillcount
English: How many red balls should be killed between the second and third time you don't kill any balls?
Current Traditional Chinese: 在第二跟第三次讓王吸收紅球之間,應該擊殺多少紅球?
Translated by chenyuli Jul 17, 2013
  • 3 phrases found