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Key: optionssyncbutton_header
English: Send the options (balls kill order, group icons) to ther BigWigs_Ra-denAssist users. (Requires Raid Leader/Officer).
Current Traditional Chinese: 將選項(球的擊殺順序、組別圖示)傳送給其他的BigWigs_Ra-denAssist使用者(需要團隊隊長或助理)。
Translated by chenyuli Jul 16, 2013
Key: options
English: Options
Current Traditional Chinese: 選項
Translated by chenyuli Jul 16, 2013
Key: oldballs
English: It has been changed how the addon handles the ball kill order, please double check if your ball kill order is still accurate!
Current Traditional Chinese: 附加元件已經改變球的擊殺順序安排,請再次檢查你的擊殺順序是否正確!
Translated by chenyuli Jul 17, 2013
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