allowed Raid members have been updated.

assist Assist

assist_desc Open the main config for more options /bwra (Assuming the module is Enabled (to enable the module, mouse over the boss)). Emphasizing this is highly recommended

balls Custom ball kill order

balls_desc You can customize the kill order in the options subpanel when you type /bwra. If you are a DPS emphasizing this is highly recommended.

ballstouching Balls touching (%d)

cicle CIRCLE

close Close

close_desc Close the Ra-den Assist display.

cross CROSS

denied You must be Raid Leader or Raid Officer to do that!

diamond DIAMOND

firstkillredcount How many red balls should be killed before the first time you don't kill any balls?

fourthredkillcount How many red balls should be killed between the third and fourth time you don't kill any balls?

fullysynced Everyone in the active groups (first 2 (10 H) or 5 (25 H)) received the roster update.

group Group

group1icon Icon used for one of the group

group2icon Icon used for the other group

groupfilter Make the Ra-den Asisst display show both of the groups not just the one you are in.

killred Kill |cffff0000RED|r ball

loaded Loaded. To configure type /bwra

modname Ra-den Assist

nextingroup Next in %s: %s

notsynced The following players did not receive the roster updates: %s

oldballs It has been changed how the addon handles the ball kill order, please double check if your ball kill order is still accurate!

options Options

optionssync Sync options

optionssyncbutton_header Send the options (balls kill order, group icons) to ther BigWigs_Ra-denAssist users. (Requires Raid Leader/Officer).

secondredkillcount How many red balls should be killed between the first and second time you don't kill any balls?

square SQUARE

star STAR

syncbutton Send Lists

syncbutton_header Send Lists to other BigWigs_Ra-denAssist users. (Requires Raid Leader/Officer). (Also announces the groups in raid chat)

thirdredkillcount How many red balls should be killed between the second and third time you don't kill any balls?

toggleloc_desc Toggle whether or not the Ra-den Assist window should be locked or not.

togglelock Toggle Lock

triangle TRIANGLE

unassigned Unassigned:

update Priority for Unstable Vita '%s' updated to %s by %s.

updatereceived Update received from: %s.