Assistance for the Ra-den encounter. (Unstable Vita order, ball kill order)

If the /bwra slash command does not work, make sure you have the latest version and that you have mouseovered the boss to enable the module.

Ra-denAssist display

  • Movable
  • Re-sizable
  • By default only show the group you are assigned to
  • At top of the list is the person who should get the next Unstable Vita
  • Below the list a bar shows who has the Unstable Vita and how long before it jumps from them
  • The list get dynamically reordered; players with Vita Sensitivity and dead players get moved to the bottom of the list

Additional features

  • Sync the assigned groups to other BigWigs_Ra-denAssist users
  • Tell your raid what to do with a Raid Warning.
  • Change the amount of red balls to kill for both before and after you don't kill any balls
  • Use raid icons to further help Unstable Vita assignments
  • Sync options

You can help with translating the addon at the wowace localization page

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Oct 22, 2016
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