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English: A quick report that shows who does not have flasks, elixirs or food.
Current German: Eine Schnellprüfung, wer keine Fläschchen, Elixiere oder Essen-Buffs hat.
Translated by oscarucb Jul 22, 2011
English: Auras
Current German: Auren
Translated by Farook Aug 12, 2011
English: Armor
Current German: Rüstung
Translated by Farook Aug 12, 2011
English: A new version of Big Brother (%s) is available for download at:
Current German: Eine neue Version von Big Brother (%s) ist zum Download verfügbar auf:
Translated by kymger Sep 09, 2011
English: Augment Runes
Current German: Verstärkungsrunen
Translated by pas06 Nov 22, 2015
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