Big Brother Buff Window - Raid Buffs

Checks Raid Buffs, Flasks, Auras and Consumables, and displays them in a compact format.

Provides tunable raid alerts to chat about taunts, threat misdirects, cc breakage, rezzes, dispells, and cast interrupts.

Fully compatible with WoD v6.x

Supports all languages. Apply localization updates here
Bug reports and feature requests - bug reports in comments will be deleted.

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  • Avatar of mrgyver mrgyver Jun 15, 2009 at 02:25 UTC - 0 likes

    Fixed koKR Translation. Thanks

    local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("BigBrother")
    L:RegisterTranslations("koKR", function() return {
    	["Flask Check"] = "영약 확인",
    	["Checks for flasks, elixirs and food buffs."] = "공격대의 영약/비약/음식 버프를 확인합니다.",
    	["Quick Check"] = "빠른 확인",
    	["A quick report that shows who does not have flasks, elixirs or food."] = "영약/비약/음식 버프가 없는 사람을 간단히 확인합니다.",
    	["Self"] = "자신",
    	["Reports result only to yourself."] = "결과를 자신에게만 보고",
    	["Party"] = "파티",
    	["Reports result to your party."] = "결과를 파티에 보고",
    	["Raid"] = "공격대",
    	["Reports result to your raid."] = "결과를 공격대에 보고",
    	["Guild"] = "길드",
    	["Reports result to guild chat."] = "결과를 길드에 보고",
    	["Officer"] = "길드관리자",
    	["Reports result to officer chat."] = "결과를 길드관리자에 보고",
    	["Whisper"] = "귓속말",
    	["Reports result to the currently targeted individual."] = "결과를 현재 대상에 귓속말로 보고",
    	["Reports if and which player breaks crowd control effects (like polymorph, shackle undead, etc.) on enemies."] = "군중 제어(예: 변이,속박 풀림등등..)를 푼 플레이어 보고",
    	["Misdirect"] = "눈속임",
    	["Reports who gains misdirection."] = "누구에게 눈속임이 걸리는지 보고",
    	["BuffCheck"] = "버프확인",
    	["Pops up a window to check various raid/elixir buffs (drag the bottom to resize)."] = "여러가지 영약/비약을 확인할 수 있는 창을 띄웁니다. (아래를 드래그하여 크기조절)",
    	["Settings"] = "설정",
    	["Mod Settings"] = "모드 설정",
    	["Raid Groups"] = "공격대 그룹",
    	["Set which raid groups are checked for buffs"] = "공격대 그룹의 버프를 검사합니다.",
    	["Group 1"] = "그룹 1",
    	["Group 2"] = "그룹 2",
    	["Group 3"] = "그룹 3",
    	["Group 4"] = "그룹 4",
    	["Group 5"] = "그룹 5",
    	["Group 6"] = "그룹 6",
    	["Group 7"] = "그룹 7",
    	["Group 8"] = "그룹 8",
    	["Checks"] = "확인",
    	["Set whether Flasks, Elixirs and Food are included in flaskcheck/quickcheck"] = "영약, 비약, 음식 버프를 영약확인/빠른확인에 포함시킬지 설정합니다.",
    	["Flasks"] = "영약",
    	["Elixirs"] = "비약",
    	["Food Buffs"] = "음식 버프",
    	["No Flask"] = "영약 없음",
    	["No Flask or Elixir"] = "영약/비약 없음",
    	["Only One Elixir"] = "비약 한개",
    	["Well Fed"] = "포만감",
    	["\"Well Fed\""] = "\"포만감\"",
    	["Enlightened"] = "깨달음",
    	["Electrified"] = "전기파",
    	["No Food Buff"] = "음식 없음",
    	["%s cast %s on %s"] = "%s의 %s 시전: %s",
    	["Polymorph/Misdirect Output"] = "변이/눈속임 출력",
    	["Set where the polymorph/misdirect output is sent"] = "변이/눈속임을 어디에 보낼지 설정",
    	["Polymorph"] = "변이",
    	["Shackle"] = "속박",
    	["Hibernate"] = "겨울잠",
    	["%s on %s removed by %s's %s"] = "%s: [%s] %s의 %s 해제",
    	["%s on %s removed by %s"] = "%s: [%s] %s 해제",
    	["CC on %s removed too frequently.  Throttling announcements."] = "%s 군중제어 해제가 너무 자주 일어납니다.  조절중을 알립니다.",
    	["Raid Buffs"] = "공격대 버프",
    	["Paladin Buffs"] = "성기사 버프",
    	["Consumables"] = "소모품",
    	-- Consumables
    	["Flask of Supreme Power"] = "강력한 마력의 영약",
    	["Shattrath Flask of Mighty Restoration"] = "강력한 마나 회복의 샤트라스 영약",
    	["Shattrath Flask of Fortification"] = "증강의 샤트라스 영약",
    	["Shattrath Flask of Relentless Assault"] = "가혹한 공격의 샤트라스 영약",
    	["Shattrath Flask of Supreme Power"] = "강력한 마력의 샤트라스 영약",
    	["Shattrath Flask of Pure Death"] = "순수한 죽음의 샤트라스 영약",
    	["Shattrath Flask of Blinding Light"] = "눈부신 빛의 샤트라스 영약",
    	-- Battle Elixirs
    	["Fel Strength Elixir"] = "타락한 힘의 비약",
    	["Onslaught Elixir"] = "맹공의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Major Strength"] = "최상급 힘의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Major Agility"] = "최상급 민첩의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Mastery"] = "정통의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Major Firepower"] = "최상급 화염 강화의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Major Shadow Power"] = "최상급 암흑 강화의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Major Frost Power"] = "최상급 냉기 강화의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Healing Power"] = "치유력 강화의 비약",
    	["Elixir of the Mongoose"] = "살쾡이의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Greater Firepower"] = "상급 화염 강화의 비약",
    	["Bloodberry Elixir"] = "선홍딸기 비약",
    	-- WotLK
    	["Wrath Elixir"] = "격노의 비약",
    	["Spellpower Elixir"] = "주문 강화의 비약",
    	["Guru's Elixir"] = "숙달의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Protection"] = "보호의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Mighty Strength"] = "강력한 힘의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Mighty Agility"] = "강력한 민첩의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Lightning Speed"] = "광속의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Expertise"] = "숙련 향상의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Deadly Strikes"] = "치명적인 일격의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Armor Piercing"] = "방어구 관통의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Accuracy"] = "적중의 비약",
    	-- Guardian Elixirs
    	["Elixir of Major Defense"] = "일급 방어의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Superior Defense"] = "최상급 방어의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Major Mageblood"] = "최상급 마력의 비약",
    	["Mageblood Potion"] = "마력의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Greater Intellect"] = "상급 지능의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Empowerment"] = "권능의 비약",
    	-- WotLK
    	["Elixir of Spirit"] = "정신력의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Mighty Thoughts"] = "강력한 사고의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Mighty Mageblood"] = "강력한 마법사의 피 비약",
    	["Elixir of Mighty Fortitude"] = "강력한 인내의 비약",
    	["Elixir of Mighty Defense"] = "강력한 방어의 비약",
    } end)
  • Avatar of Guarwow Guarwow May 06, 2009 at 17:54 UTC - 0 likes

    Can you add function that's whispering to people that have no flask or elexir on them?

  • Avatar of Quaiche Quaiche Apr 16, 2009 at 20:03 UTC - 0 likes

    I've been added as a Maintainer here, so I will start working some of the issues. Look for a release shortly.

  • Avatar of Quaiche Quaiche Apr 14, 2009 at 17:47 UTC - 0 likes

    I have a working branch going that adds some missing foods, elixirs and paladin buffs.

    I'll talk to Kaelten about seeing if I can get added as an author and maybe release my updates.

  • Avatar of Litvan Litvan Apr 09, 2009 at 20:00 UTC - 0 likes

    still works without a hickup at all

  • Avatar of gamerx gamerx Mar 31, 2009 at 01:49 UTC - 0 likes

    Is anyone still working on this? It seems no one has done an update since last year.

  • Avatar of Quaiche Quaiche Mar 09, 2009 at 01:27 UTC - 0 likes

    I've got a clone going (under repositories) where I'm adding things I find that are missing. Notable additions are Blessing of Sanctuary and Elixir of Mighty Agility.

    I have not taken a look at the CC breaking issues.

  • Avatar of Kaziedk Kaziedk Feb 18, 2009 at 13:29 UTC - 0 likes

    Is this actively beeing kept up to date?

  • Avatar of Shadow450 Shadow450 Dec 26, 2008 at 03:32 UTC - 0 likes

    I want to inform about a bug, when a pala called A puts Repentance on a objective and a DPS called B break the Repentance effect the addons says that Repentance was broken by A and not by B. I checked it in a lot of situations and always is the same. I hope you can fix it

  • Avatar of Silberbuechse Silberbuechse Dec 12, 2008 at 18:21 UTC - 0 likes

    It is updated for 3.0.3 Enjoy


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