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tag v1
David Lynch <>
2010-10-12 04:59:29 +0000

TOC bump


David Lynch:
    - TOC bump
    - Change how the autotracking module works, so it goes off of POIs instead of scanning for zone names and subzone names.
    - PTR compatibility
    - Fix some chat frame usage.
    - Fix for gossip with multiple quests
    - Always with the changing the gossip functions, Blizzard.
    - Account for bucketing delay.
    - Displaying quest-watch item frames when the quest is complete causes a cooldown error. So don't.
    - It's QuestInfoObjectivesText now.
    - Another thing to comment out
    - Quick fix to stop erroring on load in 30300
    - Quest log levels on scroll, needs to hook QuestLogScrollFrame.update
    - Bump TOC and fix quest log levels
    - Missed one
    - Fix scrollframe complaint
    - Some changes for 3.2
    - Change default profile to DEFAULT.
    - Achievements should respect collapsed status
    - Fix dropdown menu (silly blizzard functions changing arguments), and add timers
    - Fix up quest log levels so they're not so annoyingly fragile. (I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote the original version of this...)
    - Spam was broken.
    - Fix tracker enabling/reenabling requiring a reload
    - Toggling the default quest-tracker no longer requires a reloadui
    - ShareQuestByUid
    - Option for said achievements
    - Click/rightclick actions for achievements
    - There was a global
    - Include achievements in the tracker
    - Countertastic!
    - Add the item-buttons stuff Zhinjio accidentally removed back in Remove some light duplication around headers
    - - changed header to be inline  - fixed trackers to be able to properly "grow up"  - added setting for that  - commented out reference to "recycle_all_buttons" (??)  - cleanup
David Lynch:
    - Rep rep rep
    - Add some nil protection in response to a bug report
    - Missing key
    - Autotrack had glitches. Now it does not. Or, at least, different glitches.
    - Add a check so this still works for non-3.1 people
    - Make item buttons fit in a bit better
    - Config for said item-buttons
    - Quick implementation of adding item-buttons to the betterquest tracker
    - I like those dropdowns on the default
    - Adjust watchframe hiding
    - Enable questgivers module by default
    - Make config EVEN BETTER\!
    - Adjust config slightly
    - I missed a QuestWatch_Update
    - Bump the TOC, and remove embeds.xml
    - Fix suppression of default UIErrorsFrame output
    - Quickly fix-up for 3.1. Will need to think harder about what to do with WatchFrame
    - Add LibQTip-1.0 as an optdep
    - fix up .pkgmeta
    - With text!
    - Quick start at a broker module
    - Make sure :Pour only gets r,g,b
    - * bump toc to 30000
    - Fix UIErrorsFrame_OnEvent hook so the errors frame no longer disappears when the sink module is enabled. :)
    - Changed OpenToFrame to OpenToCategory for 3.0.
    - Hopefully fix .pkgmeta
    - Facilitate WowAce-on-CurseForge transition
David Lynch:
    - -Fix adding new trackers -Add delete tracker option -Fix some of the filters
    - Don't fade icons for quests we don't have.
    - Fix several cases of checking for complete == 0 instead of complete == nil.
    - Icons weren't being recolored in QUEST_GREETING.
    - Fix error if you shift-clicked a header in the blizzard quest log.
    - Tweak the look of the tracker config.
    - Add option to change tracker font size.
    - New tracker option: "hide when empty" (doesn't affect the header, if it's shown)
    - Fix sounds module playing the objective complete and quest complete sounds when completing a quest.
    - Redo config to be purely BlizzOptions.
    - Fix objective update sounds.
    - 71: attempt to call method 'WatchQuestByUid' (a nil value)
    - Sound setting plays sound.
    - Module disable button order = -1.
    - Needs a LibSink-2.0 embed, too.
    - embeds.xml should load AceGUI *before* AceConfig.
    - Make tag filter a multiselect, so you can filter on multiple tags at once.  (i.e. "this tracker contains group + dungeon + heroic")
    - Make headers more adaptively sized, in accord with the dominant paradigm.
    - Hide gametooltip when clicking to remove a quest watch, since it won't trigger the onleave.
    - -Add filter for quest tags. (Can show only dungeon quests, or only group quests.) -Account for Quixote API change.
    - Change options to more extensive use of childGroups='tab', since it actually works in the interface options.
    - Remove debug prints
    - Fix string format error for level=-1 quests.
    - Include collapsed quests in the header count.
    - Register for new Party_Update callback. Put output of GetQuestLink into chat.
    - Give the ToC an X-Embeds line.
    - merge -r 65617:HEAD
    - Add all externals.
    - 490s/self/addon/
    - BetterQuestTracker: Autotracking will no longer track quests while you are deader than a dead thing that is also dead.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Objective_Update typo from earlier renaming.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Change how module enabling/disabling works.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Fix drycode bugs in opening the quest log on rightclick.
    - BetterQuestTracker: tracker:SetClampedToScreen(false) while it's collapsed, to stop the header being invisibly locked very far away from the edge of the screen.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Fix font-setting.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Spam module should be registering DB "Sink".
    - Right-clicking on quest lines should open the quest log.
    - Headers should be hidden when their trackers are disabled.
    - /bqt -> /bq.
    - New module "Spam", prints quest messages in party chat. (So *very* disabled by default.)
    - Rename notify module to sink. Add failing quests and party progress to it.
    - Drycode! -Use LibSharedMedia-3.0 to let people choose their font.
    - Allow showing of party objective status in the trackers.
    - Comment out fubar.lua in modules.xml shouldn't even be enableable until it's in some sort of working state.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Rename to BetterQuest, after the weekend's scope creep.
    - BetterQuestTracker:  That Leaderboard_Update thing?  Yeah.  That Quixote_ thing?  Yeah.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Handful of changes for change to Quixote2 api.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Set up the default trackers better. ("full" -> collapsed by default.  "tracked" -> minimal, placed about where Blizzard quest tracker is.) -Associate the header expander button directly with the tracker, to benefit from all that lock detection I wrote in LibSimpleFrame. -Default header spacing back to 0 -- it looks better with the borders turned on, which is also the default. -Always size the tracker; the header is tied to it. (Stops trackers that are collapsed on login from being mysteriously absent.)
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Change default header spacing. -Make alt-clicking on the expand/collapse button in the header work while things are locked work.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Headers! (I think this is just about ready for trunk now.)
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Change how trackers are created to make it easier for modules to do so. -The lock toggle no longer errors if the tracker is disabled. -Ongoing changes to the FuBar module; it still don't work.
    - BetterQuestTracker:...and remove debug print
    - BetterQuestTracker: Fix autotracking of nearby quests.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Experimental FuBar module, using Arrowmaster's framework-independent LibFuBarPlugin-3.0.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Make the config look slightly nicer.
    - BetterQuestTracker: :Hook calls the hook automatically, huh?
    - BetterQuestTracker: Fix reference to QuestsFu.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -PlayerNotify: add sink storage, and update various names.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -New module: Tooltips.  Shows quest objective info in item/mob tooltips -New module: PlayerNotify.  LibSink-2.0 quest progress announcements.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Fix auto-tracking by zone. -Forget about tracked quests once they're turned in.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Take advantage of new indent parameter on LibSimpleFrame-1.0's AddLine method.
    - BetterQuestTracker: De-fail callbacks. (Forgotten about callbackname being passed as first argument.)
    - BetterQuestTracker: Don't play the progress sound if the quest is also completing.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Don't try to hide a disabled tracker if we haven't bothered to create it yet. -Blizzard: objectives and complete were in wrong order. -AutoTrack: check for zone quests on login and when settings are changed.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -New module: AutoTrack. Automatically tracks quests based on various criteria. -New module: Blizzard. Meddles with the default quest ui. (Levels in the quest log, etc.) -Option to suppress the default quest tracker. -Expand the range of click actions. -Remember tracked quests between sessions -Use module prototypes.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Add a sound-playing module. -Move tracker:Show into :UpdateTracker, to make future work on headers easier.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Tracker enabling/disabling was broken. -Enabling a tracker that was disabled in the current session now actually :Shows it.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Default strata to MEDIUM -- stops the tracker sitting over bags. -Redo the by-zone and by-level loops to not show headers for groups that are entirely empty due to filters. -Remove the zone filter validate function -- it needs to be able to be set to "", otherwise it can't be cleared. -Change chat command to /betterquesttracker.  /bqt now opens the gui.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Fix quest filters.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Assorted drycode fixes.
    - BetterQuestLog: -Option to show the description text if a quest has no objectives -Option to hide completed objectives
    - BetterQuestTracker: No-one puts config in the TOC!
    - BetterQuestTracker: -With multiple trackers, they should be disableable. -Don't create the frames for disabled trackers.
    - BetterQuestTracker: (very drycoded) -Create system of multiple trackers applying custom filters to the quest log. -Split config out into its own file.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Locking needs a custom function -OnClick handlers to OnLeftClick.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Account for LibSimpleFrame-1.0 position change in defaults.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Assorted drycode bugs.
    - BetterQuestTracker: LibSimpleFrame-1.0. (Drycoded.)
    - BetterQuestTracker: Move some methods into the tracker. (Drycode.)
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Add wrap options for titles and objectives. -Rearrange config slightly. -Click should only respond to leftbutton.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Make clicking display a decent tooltip for non-2.4. -Size the tracker to better account for the potential of wrapping.
    - BetterQuestTracker: Make work in 2.3.
    - BetterQuestTracker: - Allow wrapping, if requested.  (Set text justifications to make this not look uggo.)
    - BetterQuestTracker: Truncate overlong fontstrings.
    - BetterQuestTracker: -Configurable fading, opacity, and width.
    - BetterQuestTracker: My test addon for LibQuixote-2.0 and Ace3. (Needs 2.4, though only for inline textures.)


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