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While using Dominos for a brief period, I started loving the "Fade Out" option.
Now, I know the "Fade Out" option is in Bartender4, but it's more like a "Show/No Show on Hover". Dominos' worked in a way where hovering over any bar, would make it slowly fade in, and you could change the speed at which it would do so. My current User Interface lacks this fade, and I would be sad to have to replace Bartender4, as it really is an awesome AddOn, with all it's other options.

Another idea: Make the whole bar fade in, and all buttons have a seperate fade opacity. For instance: (No hover: 10% Opacity, Bar hover: 50% Opacity, Button hover: 90% Opacity). This would also be a really nifty feature, which is often seen in Flash Scripted websites (the buttons).

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    This has been put on the roadmap for 4.5.0

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