You have to exit the vehicle in order to be able to change the Vehicle UI settings.

You can use the preset defaults as a starting point for setting up your interface. Just choose your preferences here and click the button below to reset your profile to the preset default. Note that not all defaults show all bars.

You can use any macro conditionals in the custom string, using the number of the bar as target value.
Example: [form:1]9;0

You can use any macro conditionals in the custom string, using "show" and "hide" as values.

Example: [combat]hide;show

You can set the bar to be always hidden, if you only wish to access it using key-bindings.

You can report bugs or give suggestions at the discussion forums at |cffffff78|r or check the project page at |cffffff78|r

You can either click the KeyBound button in the options, or use the |cffffff78/kb|r chat command to open the keyBound control. Alternatively, you can also use the Blizzard Keybinding Interface.

Y Offset

XP Bar

X Offset

Who wrote this cool addon?

When reporting a bug, make sure you include the |cffffff78steps on how to reproduce the bug|r, supply any |cffffff78error messages|r with stack traces if possible, give the |cffffff78revision number|r of Bartender4 the problem occured in and state whether you are using an |cffffff78English client or otherwise|r.


Vertical growth direction for this bar.

Vertical Growth

Vehicle Bar


Use Custom Condition

Use Blizzard Vehicle UI


Direction, up!

Two bars wide

Two action bars

Toggle the use of the right-click self-cast functionality.

Toggle the use of the modifier-based self-cast functionality.

Toggle the use of the modifier-based focus-cast functionality.

Toggle the button grid.

Toggles actions immediately when you press the key, and not only on release. Note that draging actions will cause them to be cast in this mode.

Toggle Button Zoom
For more style options you need to install ButtonFacade

Toggle actions on key press instead of release

Three bars stacked

This bar will be hidden whenever you are not in combat.

This bar will be hidden once you enter combat.

These options can automatically select a different target for your spell, based on macro conditions. Note however that they will overrule any target changes from normal macros.

The Positioning options here will allow you to position the bar to your liking and with an absolute precision.

The default behaviour of this bar when no state-based paging option affects it.

The bar default is to be visible all the time, you can configure conditions here to control when the bar should be hidden.

The background of button places where no buttons are placed

Switch to key-binding mode

Switch this bar to the Possess Bar when possessing a npc (eg. Mind Control)