Hide this bar when the game wants to show a vehicle UI.

Hide this bar when you are possessing a NPC.

Hide this bar when you are riding on a vehicle.

Hide this bar when you have a pet.

Hide this bar when you have no pet.

Hide when Possessing

Hide without pet

Hide with Override Bar

Hide with pet

Hide with Vehicle UI

Horizontal Growth

Horizontal growth direction for this bar.

Hotkey Mode

How do I change the Bartender4 Keybindings then?

I just installed Bartender4, but my keybindings do not show up on the buttons/do not work.

I've found a bug! Where do I report it?

Key Bindings



Left ending



Lock all bars.

Lock the buttons.

Micro Menu

Minimap Icon

Modifier Based Switching

Mouse-Over Casting

Mouse-Over casting can be limited to be only active when a modifier key is being held down. You can configure the modifier in the global "Bar" Options.

Mouse-Over Casting Modifier

No Display


"None" as modifier means its always active, and no modifier is required.

Remember to enable Mouse-Over Casting for the individual bars, on the "State Configuration" tab, if you want it to be active for a specific bar.

No Stance/Form

Note: Enabling Custom Conditionals will disable all of the above settings!

Number of buttons.

Number of rows.

Offset in X direction (horizontal) from the given anchor point.

Offset in Y direction (vertical) from the given anchor point.

Once open, simply hover the button you want to bind, and press the key you want to be bound to that button. The keyBound tooltip and on-screen status will inform you about already existing bindings to that button, and the success of your binding attempt.