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Main (deDE) Xinhuan Xinhuan Sep 29, 2008
Den Bank-, Inventar, Briefkasten- und Gildenbankinhalt sowie angezogene Gegenstände von jedem Charakter überall anschauen!
Main (ruRU) Xinhuan Xinhuan Sep 29, 2008
Просмотр содержимого банка, банка гильдии, инвентаря, почты любого вашего персонажа везде и в любое время!
Main Xinhuan nbluewiz Feb 26, 2015
BankItems v6.1.0.0 Feb 25, 2015 (r226 on wowace) For use with Live Servers v6.1.0.19678 An addon that remembers the contents of your bank, bags, mail, equipped, currency, auction house, void storage and display them anywhere in the world. Also able to remember/display the banks of any character on the same account on any server, as well as searching and exporting lists of bag/bank items out. Type /bi or /bankitems to see what is currently in your bank. You must visit your bank once to...
Main (zhTW) Xinhuan Xinhuan Sep 29, 2008
讓你可以隨時流覽本ID所有伺服器所有人物的裝備以及背包、郵件、銀行和公會銀行中的物品|N插件命令/bi|N本地化: Isler
Main (frFR) Xinhuan Xinhuan Sep 29, 2008
Permet de voir le contenu de l'inventaire, du courrier, l'équipement et la banque de guilde de n'importe quel personnage et de n'importe où !
Main (zhCN) Xinhuan Xinhuan Sep 29, 2008
让你可以随时浏览本ID所有服务器所有人物的装备以及背包、邮件、银行和公会银行中的物品|N插件命令/bi|N本地化: Isler
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