This addon was designed to show you individual frames for healers during the Baleroc encounter. With it, you will see their respective Vital Spark stack count, or, if they have activated Vital Flame, a timer and a bar will show up so you can see how long until it wears off. The primary idea behind the addon is to aid in coordinating swaps between healers.

Additional Features:

  • Can show stack count even while Vital Flames is active
  • Can show Tormented (healing debuff) icon and bar timer instead of the other buffs (especially useful on Heroic mode)
  • Automatically detects healer/dps specs without talent scanning and rebuilds the UI to accommodate changes

Feel free to contribute to the repository or on GitHub:
All bugs and issues should be reported by opening a ticket:

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Date created
Jul 17, 2011
Last updated
Jul 26, 2011