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Nov 30, 2011 Jaydehawk Abandoned Embedded library
Displays information on your pet, such as name, level, combat ratings and attributes. Use PetInfoFu keeps track of your pets, including your stabled pets. Optionally, it will track your history of taming pets. Clicking on the FuBar menu will bring up the training dialog. For hunters, you can click on a stabled pet in the FuBar tooltip and a small draggable tooltip will pop-up showing you the skills of that particular pet. Options Show pet's name (True) - Displays the name of your current pet,...


Jul 16, 2011 alar Abandoned Embedded library
Extra Unit buttons with mini action bar Known limits Pet's spells are not yet supported. Limited support for macro New units Target,Target of Target, Target of Target of Target,Focus,Pet Target Mini action bar For each unit you can configure: one friendly bar (showed when the unit is friendly) one ostile bar for stance 0 or no stance Druids also have Bear bar Cat bar Stealth cat bar Travel and flight bar Warrior have 1 ostile bar for each stance Rogues have normal and stealth ostile bar...


Jul 06, 2010 starlon Deleted Embedded library
***** PLEASE NOTE ******* This project is now called AuraAlarm. It now allows you to specify buffs as well as debuffs. Someone suggested an icon, and someone else suggested stackable auras. Both are part of AuraAlarm.


Apr 15, 2009 alar Deleted Embedded library
Routines shared by Alar's modules. Internal use.
Standard Tooltip


Dec 26, 2008 kbranch Abandoned Embedded library
GearDPS adds a DPS value to item tooltips based on weight given to each stat. Basically, the higher the number, the better that piece of gear is for pure DPS. Note that by default this doesn't take survivability into account, it's just for sheer DPS. Custom weights can be given to all stats, including stam, spirit, and MP5. Any user specified weights will override the ones used by GearDPS. GearDPS now supports all classes/specs. This was made possible because I scrapped the whole idea of...


Oct 03, 2008 wowaceSVN Abandoned Embedded library
Displays Arena info and Honor info
  • 6 reverse relationships found