New Sell Tab / Button


  • Can Sell Low quality gray items
  • Can Sell Automatically
  • Can Sell Soulbound
  • Can Sell Any Quality Item
  • Can Sell Sub Armor
  • Support Warcraft Equipment Manger

For anyone that is interested there is a lite version named AutoProfitLite.

Selling Soulbound

WARNING: This SELLS ALL soulbound items that are in your invintory

The way selling of soulbound has changed in r77.

Please see this PAGE for more info.

Exceptions Lists

Anything placed in these lists will be SOLD without checking

Exemptions Lists

Anything placed in these lists will NOT SOLD .


Because of the large amount of change in r77 the addon is now in enUS.

Sorry to all the people that used zhCN and zhTW.


If you would like this AddOn in your langeage, Contact me by leaving a post in this page.

Localization are now stored at wowace, I am currently looking for people to help translate.

I can not verify the user submitted translations, If you find an error please submit a ticker about it.

Translation Credits
  • Kel9290 Russian Language Translation
  • BNSSNB Traditional Chinese Language Translation

Bug Reports

Please use a bug chatching addon like !Swatter this can be found in the Auctioneer addon package. This will provide the information needed to fix any bugs that may pop up, a good place to post bugs is WoWAce bug tracker, this will keep me from having to delete posts so that inportant information is easy to find. Please include the version number of the addon you are currently using.

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  • Avatar of KanadiaN KanadiaN May 24, 2012 at 17:43 UTC - 0 likes

    @seaquake: Go

    Sell All Soulbound sells all items that are soulbound, it is up to you to place items that you do not want to be sold in an Equipment Set or in to the exemption list.

    sorry for the lateness of the reply but I do not normally check comments on this page.

  • Avatar of seaquake seaquake Dec 07, 2011 at 19:14 UTC - 0 likes

    Can you insert the option to Sell All "unusable" soulbound? the Sell All atm is for all the eq that isn't in an eq set. It's a little too much i think :P

    Thanks a lot for this addon :D



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