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atramedes in action

Raid level alternative player power warning. (Atramedes, Cho'gall, Lord Rhyolith)

The addon has a display windows (very similar to BigWigs Proximity window), that you can move around, resize etc. The loudest people in the raid will be displayed in this window so you don't have to ask on ventrilo / chat if your raid members needs you to use the shields to reset the sound levels for them.


  • To show the frame: /atramedes
  • To reset the frames position: /atramedes reset
  • To set number of players shown to 10 (or any number) : /atramedes count 10
  • To force full raid power update any time someones power in the raid update: /atramedes update full
  • To go back to only updating the individual for their power gain: /atramedes update single


Now supports the Cho'gall and the Lord Rhyolith encounter too

You can help out with localization at:

Additional addons that might interest you

If you are looking for a personal customizable power display for PlayerPowerBarAlt check out:CustomPlayerPowerBarAlt

If you are one of those who are clicking the shields during the encounter then here is an addon that might make your life easier: AtramedesShieldClicker

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  • Avatar of angrysteel angrysteel Jan 14, 2011 at 12:52 UTC - 0 likes

    One issue im having, is the frame does not show up unless i am in config mode.

    After locking the frame in place, and closing it, the addon does not show. It will not show up during the boss encounter, it just stays hidden.

    Typing /atramedes shows the frame (Same frame in the picture above in the description). And the addon works just fine from there.

    Is this how the addon is suppose to work? Are you suppose to type /atramedes everytime you fight the boss?

    If so, any chance of having the addon just auto load (pop up), as soon as you target the boss? Just seems like the addon should naturally work like this. Type /atramedes to set the frame into a position, lock the frame where you want it, then exit. From here it would be nice if the addon worked like a "set it and forget it", just pops up when you target / start fighting the boss.

  • Avatar of pigmonkey pigmonkey Dec 17, 2010 at 08:07 UTC - 0 likes

    Works beautifully. Though I didn't try it myself, I would almost assume that extending the zone restriction would allow this to monitor the Corruption value in Cho'gall as well. Not as useful as monitoring values on Atramedes, but still something I'm sure some people would get use out of.



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