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Change log

James D. Callahan III:
    - Re-enabled the updater - if the first return from GetTradeSkillLine() is not "UNKNOWN", allow the scan.
    - Added detection for currently-supported TradeSkill AddOns to the mode-button so toggling between tradeskills while the frame is hidden will work.
    - In addon:Scan() - Check for current_prof being "UNKNOWN" instead of checking the scan_button's parent to determine if a tradeskill frame is open.
    - In ListFrame:Initialize() - changed definition of current_tab.
    - Re-organized view-tab code and moved MainPanel settings out of the tab do-block.
    - Added world drop locations to the rest of the Leatherworking recipes that needed it.  Jewelcrafting: just 69 recipes left to fill in world drop locations for.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Made Tooltip_AddWorldDrop() get the recipe's quality color itself so the quality_color parameter can be dropped from both it and addon:DisplayAcquireData().
    - Yanked code from ListItem_ShowTooltip() to make addon:DisplayAcquireData() so external AddOns can generate their own lists.
    - In ListItem_ShowTooltip() - removed un-used playerFaction variable.
    - It is no longer necessary to nil addon:InitializeLookups() after it has been run - it now does so itself.
    - Renamed addon:InitializeRecipe() to the more proper addon:InitializeProfession()
    - Re-added addon:GetRecipeData(), but without returning the recipe table itself - Usage: ARL:GetRecipeData(spell_id, data)
    - Commented out addon:TRADE_SKILL_UPDATE() and the corresponding updater frame - not only does the event fire for others (without saying who it fires for), but calling addon:Scan() results in it firing, which calls addon:Scan() a second time.
    - In ListFrame:Initialize() - don't check which tab we're viewing, just call it's Initialize().
    - Pulled code from ListFrame:Initialize() to make RecipesTab:Initialize().
    - Moved FormatRecipeText() to be beneath SetTextColor().
    - Disable entry and state buttons in ListFrame:ClearLines(), and enable those that are shown in ListFrame:Update() - fixes issue of highlight texture showing when not appropriate.
    - Converted remaining uses of RecipeMatchesSearch().
    - Split code from ListFrame:Initialize() into AcquisitionTab:Initialize() and LocationTab:Initialize().
    - Renamed RecipeMatchesSearch() to SearchBox:MatchesRecipe()
    - Fixed recipe binding for "Hard Khorium Battleplate" .. RBOP->RBOE
    - Added some new quests
    - Corrected some phrases
    - Added the dalaran cooking quests to 3 cooking recipes
    - Fixed the quality coloring of some recipes, some were not colored COMMON like they should have been.  Scanner also didn't pick up the ones fixed in this. Also for "Imbued Netherweave Boots", changed AddRecipeVendor() to AddRecipeLimitedVendor()
    - Fixed the quality coloring of trainable only recipes, some were not colored COMMON like they should have been.  Scanner also didn't pick up the ones fixed in this
    - Fixed the quality of many trainable-only recipes in the Alchemy, Enchanting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring databases.  * -> COMMON
    - Fixed the quality of some Inscription recipes
James D. Callahan III:
    - Turned off the manual ChangeLog. Did I mention that having to make a commit to the project to do this is fucking retarded?


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Jun 03, 2010
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