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ARL Change Log

NOTE: Always remove the folder for old versions and install a fresh copy when upgrading.

Version 1.1.0 Beta 2

Changes to the recipe list panel:

  • Removed the "sorting type" dropdown menu - it has been replaced by three "view mode" tabs at the bottom of the panel; "Acquisition", "Location", and "Recipe".
  • The three view modes can be viewed in either ascending or descending order, and either by recipe name or by skill level.
  • A toggle has been added for displaying recipes which have been put into the exclusion list.
  • The "Filter" and "Reset" buttons are now the same size.
  • The search entry box has been lengthened.
  • The "Search" and "X" (clear search) buttons have been removed - they are now unnecessary due to improved entry box behavior.
  • The expand/contract All button has had its appearance altered to be a better aesthetic fit with the rest of the panel.
  • Tooltips generated by buttons and other panel widgets will now appear to the top-right of their source instead of the default tooltip location.
  • Recipes which require specific profession specializations will now show that fact in their tooltip.
  • The tooltip text for the "Specialty" filter in the General Filters section now more accurately describes its function.
  • The list panel will now be drawn on the same level as default UI frames, and will also raise to the top when clicked.

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Many recipes have had their quality levels corrected.
  • A large number of recipes which are sold in limited quantities will now display this fact, and the number available, both in the recipe tooltip and in the expanded list entry.
  • More recipes have had World Drop locations added to them.
  • Under the "Display Options" section of the configuration panel, it is now possible to turn off the "hint text" for recipe acquire tooltips.
  • Most recipes which are acquired via a trainer will now be displayed as being Common quality.

Bug Fixes.

  • Reputation-dependent recipes for which the character only has neutral standing will now be correctly colored as red.
  • Recipes which are viewed from a linked tradeskill will no longer be flagged as known by the character.
  • List items will no longer randomly disappear when clicked.
  • The scrollbar will now be disabled in any situation where the list is empty.
  • The list panel will no longer "jump" when being expanded or contracted.

Version 1.1.0 Beta 1

Changes to the recipe list panel:

  • The behavior of Location sorting has been fundamentally changed. The list will now contain location names which can be expanded to show all recipes which can be obtained in that location.
  • The behavior of Acquisition sorting has been fundamentally changed. The list will now contain the names of acquire types such as "World Drop", "Trainer", and "Vendor", which can be expanded to show all recipes which can be obtained in that manner.
  • Recipe sorting types in the dropdown selector are now localized.
  • Typing in the search entry box will now yield results immediately.
  • The search entry box now has a ten-line history buffer. To store a line in the history, press the enter key of click the Search button. To recall a line, use the up or down arrow keys while the cursor is in the entry box.
  • Added support for searching by location name and by acquire type.
  • The status bar at the bottom of the list panel will now show the number of list entries in parenthesis.
  • World Drop recipes now show which continent or zone they may be found in as well as a level range for the mobs which drop them.
  • List entries are now colored according to their quality, instead of by skill level. Skill levels are still colored as before.
  • All obtain types (Trainer, Vendor, Reputation, etc.) have new color schemes.
  • Faction vendors are now colored by their reaction type: Red for opposing faction, green for same faction, and yellow for neutral vendors.
  • It is now possible to scroll with the mouse wheel while the mouse pointer is over the scrollbar.

Changes to recipe filters:

  • A new filter category has been added which allows selective filtering based on the quality of the recipe item.
  • The icons for the Reputation and Obtain filter categories have been changed.
  • Reputation filters now behave identically to Class filters - every flag must be toggled off for the recipe to not show in the list.
  • The General filter category now has a "Retired" checkbox which allows for filtering recipes which have been removed from the game.

Miscellaneous changes:

  • The Display configuration section now has a toggle for showing unknown recipes in the tooltip for trainers, vendors, and mobs.
  • The textdump facility now has a cleaner CSV output and added support for BBCode output and Name output.
  • An enormous amount of effort was put into making the database much more accurate in all areas.
  • ARL's memory footprint has been reduced by roughly 40%.

Bug Fixes.

  • The skill level of recipes which involve reputation are now correctly colored as red.
  • Changes to a character's reputation levels will now be correctly reflected in the list.
  • Using the icon at the top left of the list panel to cycle through your known professions will no longer cause an error when attempting to load Smelting.
  • Zone name truncation in recipe tooltips is no longer an issue.
  • The list panel will no longer be empty when a small amount of results should be shown.
  • Scrolling up or down in the list will now correctly generate a new tooltip as the mouse pointer passes over entries.
  • If there are no excluded recipes, the "View Exclusion List" and "Clear Exclusion List" buttons will now be disabled.
  • Switching professions will now clear the search box.
  • Closing an expanded entry will no longer leave a stuck highlight and tooltip when the mouse pointer is no longer over a list entry.
  • It is no longer possible to scroll in the list panel if the number of entries fits on one page.

Version 1.0-r2818

  • Removed the "Scan" and "Text Dump" buttons from the config options since they were not actually usable
  • Improved the Text Dump display for all the recipes.
  • Fixed some incorrect data in the database and added missing data.
  • Scan button correctly shows now if you use the default tradeskillui

Version 1.0-r2770

  • Fixed a bug if you that was causing an error if you reset the filters through the interface options menu.
  • The crafted recipes from Icecrown Citadel will now show up in ARL.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing ARL to be localized in Russian.
  • Updated the Spanish translation of the ARL description.
  • Reorganized ARLs Interface Options.
  • Adde recipes that are new in patch 3.3.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing you from getting a text dump for Enchanting.
  • esES translations were copied into esMX, TRANSLATORS: just put ur esES translations into esMX also please.
  • Fixed a bug with the tooltips.
  • Added a feature where if you have your tradeskillui and ARL open and you learn a recipe, it will be updated in your current ARL scan, no need to rescan what is already open.
  • Renamed a bunch of the addons files.

Version 1.0-r2735

  • Added a decimal point to the progress bar percentage value to be more precise.
  • More optimizations to the ARL core.
  • Refined some data in the recipe databases.
  • Updated the French and German translations of the ARL description.
  • Tagged for 3.3 release.

Version 1.0-r2696

  • Getting a text dump of your professions will now use the correct csv syntax.
  • Extensive optimizations to the ARL core.
  • Location sort now works as intended!
  • Vendor tooltips now tell you if the vendor sells a recipe you do not yet know, if you are of the appropriate skill level.
  • Trainer tooltips now tell you if the trainer teaches a recipe you do not yet know, if you are of the appropriate skill level.
  • Mob tooltips now tell you if the mob drops a recipe you do not yet know, if you are of the appropriate skill level.
  • Thanksgiving recipes now appear correctly for Horde characters.

Version 1.0-r2634

  • More optimizations to the Jewelcrafting, and Inscription databases.
  • Fixed an old bug which prevented you from customizing which items appear when you link things via TomTom.
  • Removed LibBetterBlizzOptions. This is not longer needed as the complex filters have all been removed from the interface options and are only availible via the GUI.

Version 1.0-r2576

  • Major issue with class filtering fixed.
  • Fixed class scanning in the dataminer.

Version 1.0-r2570

  • New recipes added.
  • Fixed an issue with Trial of the Crusader cross-faction recipes not appearing correctly.
  • Updated the database to make code more readable and remove redundancy. Should make database updates a lot easier for people.
  • Optimized the database to remove extra flags which didn't need to be included.
  • Add support for Mr Trader.
  • Internal code cleanup and optimization.
  • Memory optimizations.
  • Trainer updates (names fixed, locations more accurate, and erroneous trainers removed).

Version 1.0-r2500

  • Fixed the addon title in the ToC.
  • Fixed the tooltip flickering issue.
  • Updated many flags for different recipes, this will make the filtering a lot more accurate.
  • Refined the dataminer which will make flag updating easier.

Version 1.0-r2462

  • All trainer data has been added to the recipe databases
  • optimizations made to the ARL core
  • Database flags for Leatherworking are much more accurate, so using the filters for Leatherworking will make more sense, more work to come on the db flags for the other professions.

3.2 Release Version 1.0

  • Updated recipes for 3.2
  • Trainer updates. All LW and Tailoring trainers have been updated.
  • Recipes now have flags to determine which expansion they come from.
  • Added leveling info to many recipes. There is still some info missing, this is slowly being added as it has to be done manually.
  • Fixed an issue with the PVP flags.
  • Code optimizations.
  • Datamining tweaks.
  • Removed comment in code that was causing AntiVir to screw up. Rest assured there was no virus/trojan ever.
  • Fix ATSW and Trade Junkie integrations (Thanks to Thrashfinger).
  • Faction specific recipes which cannot be acquired by the other side (The choppers and the new 3.2 patterns) are now automatically filtered.
  • Fixed a map/mini-map coordinate display issue
  • All professions have skill level data added (exception being cooking and JC)
  • Added the ability to customize which type of points you see on the mini-map (vendor, quest, trainer, mob). By default trainer will be off, the rest will be on.
  • Sorting via acquire method will now sort the special strings (aka discoveries) together. Items of the same "custom" type will be sorted alphabetically.
  • Custom strings will now be added to the mini-map/map if you wish.


  • Significantly reduced memory usage over time.
  • Database updates (Flags, acquire, etc)
  • More datamining/debugging functions
  • Datamine tooltip scan tweaks
  • Added a reference to AckisRecipeList in alphas as ARL to save on typing.
  • Tweaked automatic vendor scanning
  • Updated trainers


  • Optimized the database by removing many duplicate trainer/vendor entries
  • Updated code to detect duplicate trainer entries during a scan (only alpha/svn versions)
  • Fixed a bug with mini-maps and not displaying mob drops correctly along with an issue with trainers.
  • Fixed some accidental globals.
  • Now using LibQTipClick-1.1.
  • All LibQTip/Click tooltips are now acquired when needed and released when not.
  • Completely revamped the look and behavior of the alt tradeskills menu.
  • Added alt-click-to-remove on alt names.
  • Completely revamped the look and behavior of the acquire tooltip. Now fixed width, and scales with font size.
  • Fixed a few nil references.
  • All tooltips now fully support TipTac skinning.
  • Recipes which are only obtainable from a quest available only to the opposing faction will now display this fact.
  • Code optimization.
  • Lunar Festival Recipes updated
  • Added in tooltip scanning for the dataminer.


  • Fixed a bug when you did a scan, the drop down menus for the profession would change text to something non-existent.
  • Added all/none functionality for classes, reputations.
  • All/none functionality has changed, now you click on the text to select all or none. There are no individual buttons. The tooltip explains this in more detail.
  • Updated many trainers to coincide with the argent tourney.
  • Changed seasonal to be world events as it fits better. Use the titles from the achievements to track these instead of our own localized string.
  • Updated many recipes which had wrong sill levels.
  • Added some new datamining functionality. It will scan the trainer and tell you if this trainer is missing recipes that can be trained on it. Also compares skill levels.
  • Combined wrath reputations which are horde/alliance only. Disabled those reputation which did not have any items (yet).
  • Converted to LibQTip for tooltips (makes them a lot easier to deal with).
  • Added support for which expansion a recipe was obtained from.
  • Added support to track the skill ups of the recipe.
  • Fixed a bug when using exclusions, the progress bar numbers would not be accurate.
  • Fixed a bug when you would get an error after clicking on an open space near the end of the recipe.
  • Added UI elements which will allow you to access alt's tradeskills. A tooltip is generated which will let you select which alt you print out.
  • Fixed a few issues with the frames being saved.


  • This release is dedicated to the demise of WowMatrix. May it rot in hell.
  • Added formal in-game datamining functions. These are to be used when you want to see if ARL has accurate data.
  • Fixed bug where first aid and cooking were showing 2 less recipes.
  • Fixed a nil reference error.
  • Fixed a localization error with svn clients.
  • Fixed a few leaking globals.
  • Code optimization.


  • Added 3.1 recipes. These recipes may have inaccurate information. If so, please submit a ticket and I'll get them updated ASAP.
  • Database updates for many recipes.
  • Add TipTac support.
  • Fixed minor issues with the progress bar and excluded recipes.
  • Added some basic tracking for alt professions, no gui/interface for this, but it's being tracked right now for future upgrades to ARL.
  • Expanded the classes filter to allow you to select classes individually.
  • Localization updates.


  • Added donation info, please take a look, it's not just about money. :)
  • Fixed the LW typo. :P
  • Updated some skill levels for patterns.
  • All opposite faction acquire methods in the tooltip will now be hidden automatically. They will still be shown as part of the recipe window depending on your filter settings for faction.
  • You can now sort by skill level ascending and descending.
  • If you're at a trainer and want to see if the skill levels match those on the trainer, type /arl scandata. This will do a comparison. If you use this command wrong, you will get called names, yelled at, no one will like you, and God will kill a kitten.
  • You can now customize the font size for the tooltips. It defaults at 11, however you can change it to between 8 and 16 now.
  • Localization updates (thank you so much to everyone who helps localize, there are currently 1625 strings that need localization with ARL and you guys have done most of them!


  • Updated recipe information (skill levels, flags, locations, etc)
  • Added more fine grained support for Tom Tom integration (Please see the ARL in-game options to see how to configure this.)
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • New API to get the entire recipe database
  • Localization updates


  • Fixed a bug where you did not have a proper default position for the scan button.
  • Fixed the error regarding donglestub.
  • Fixed the loading error with ARL-Seasonal.lua that some people were experiencing.
  • Fixed the TomTom nil error that some people were experiencing.


  • You can now customize which tooltips are displayed, and where they are anchored.
  • You have more options on where to anchor the scan button.
  • Mini-map and world map integration. ARL will now work with TomTom to add icons to your world map and mini-map when you do a scan. These icons do not persist through sessions (done on purpose as to not clutter up your map) and will only show up with TomTom enabled. You can get TomTom here.
  • The addon is now LoD with the tradeskill UI. This means that ARL will not be loaded until you open up a trade skill window, this saving you memory.
  • Support for Cauldron (including existing support for ATSW, Skillet and Manufac).
  • Many recipe updates

Major Changes Since Initial Release to RC1

  • Entire mod rewritten from scratch, including a new GUI by Zhinjio
  • Multiple recipe filters
  • Recipe exclusion list
  • All WotLK recipes added
  • Detailed and customizable recipe tooltips


Uploaded on
May 02, 2010
Game version
  • 3.3.3
1.1 MiB