Arbitrary Commands


Added Lua functions

Are you sure you want to delete ALL your scripts and revert to the examples?  This will force a UI reload and cannot be undone.

Assumes text is Lua rather than slash commands, for indenting and coloring.

Blizzard's Interface Options panel is way too tiny to do anything with the editor.  Click this warning label to reopen the scripts editor as if you had clicked the minimap icon.

Click and drag icon into place, then toggle this option.

Click to open the config menu.  Right-click the minimap icon to open directly to the script editor.

Command argument to :RegisterCommand missing 'menulabel' field

Command argument to :RegisterCommand missing 'script' field

Creates a new command script, inserted after the current selection in the menu list.

Creates a new nested menu, inserted after the current selection in the menu list.

Deletes current script or (empty) menu.


Editing scripts

Editor Options

Enter the menu label for the new nested menu:

Enter the menu label for the new script:

For new users, click the word 'Instructions' at the top left side.

General options

Global option

If checked, do not show this script in the dropdown menu (think of it as cold storage).

If this is your first time using the addon, you may find it helpful to enable the Blizzard %s option (%s -> %s tab -> %s) during setup.


Leave this ON unless you have another LDB display and know what you're doing.

Lock minimap icon

Macro Commands

Main Menu

Manage menu entries

Moves current selection down one position.

Moves current selection up one position.

New Menu

New Script

No secondary argument may be passed to :RegisterCommand when using a command table.

No Show


offset to :RegisterCommand was not a number!


Override option

Overrides global '%s' setting.

replacement string is the "verbose execution" value

Player Scripts

Pressing the Escape key while typing will return keystroke control to the usual chat window.