Angry Raid Points Client


Change log

## 1.1

* Removed auto bid box, since it was seldom used and was confusing to new users

## 1.0.2

* Minor update for ilvl display of non-gear items (mounts, etc)

## 1.0.1

* Fixed bug with selecting Pass on item you are not on the bid list

## 1.0

* Removed winners column, and moved list to status text
* Changed '/arpc' to toggle the loot window. '/arpc help' can be used to give a list of commands.
* Fixed bug where bid popup contents could get cleared
* Fixed bug when entered bid had whitespace prepended/appended to it.
* Changed location of winner texts

## 0.9

* Bug fix for auto bidding causing LUA erros under some circumstances

## 0.8

* Can now shift click on item icons in the loot window for an item link
* Added pass button to bid popup

## v0.7

* This update introduced a new file. After updating you must restart your game, and not just reload interface.
* Escape closes bid and point total popups
* Loot frame remembers it's size and position
* Support for comm protocol version 2 with master loot keeping track of point totals

## v0.6

* Reduced size of item name
* Added "Bid" button that shows on an item entry when it is your turn to bid. Clicking it will show the bid popup if it was hidden.
* Updates status when bidding is set by whisper or fails
* Moved "Set" button to left hand side of status bar
* Lowered loot frame's strata, to not appear in front of some higher priority windows

## v0.5

* Added button to status bar to set point total via GUI
* Automatically resend bidding when item is reassigned
* Added send reminder button for users running ARP
* Fix for displaying multiple item quantities

## v0.4

* Escape key now closes loot window
* Added message on new loot to remind user to update point total if it hasn't been updated in the past 12 hours
* Added collapse option. When enabled won't show bidder list of items you are not bidding for
* Increased default width of loot frame
* Removed unexpected ACK error messages

## v0.3

* Added '/arpc scale' command to set scale of loot window
* Improved some error messages
* When an item is won, reset the auto bid
* Added "Start" and "Last Call", if user is running ARP and is the handler for the item
* Changed how bidding buttons are displayed.

## v0.2

* Fix for loading libs
* Fix for improperly showing ilvl on normal items
* Minor formatting changes to bidding display

## v0.1

* Initial release


Uploaded on
Feb 20, 2014
Game version
  • 5.4.2
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