This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

If you wish to take this project over, please report it and state your intentions.

Ammo-matique is now obsolete as ammo has been removed from the game altogether.

Thank you for your patronage.


Ammo-matique provides automated ammo handling. It can automatically select the suitable ammo type in any particular situation. Additionally, it can alert you when you're running low or out of ammo, in a variety of ways including voice feedback. As if that wasn't enough, it can also help keep your inventory tidy by automatically moving all your ammo to a designated bag!


Ammo-matique 2.0 introduces a simpler but more powerful way of configuring ammo preferences for raids - it is now possible to configure on a per-raid zone basis! A number of people requested a feature like this, and now it's here!

Lady Deathwhisper and Professor Putricide should now be correctly identified as bosses, even though the game itself only classifies them as elites. Onyxia's Lair should now be discovered properly the first time you target a mob inside.

The WoW 3.3 upgrade removed the ability for add-ons to switch weapons and ammo automatically when in combat. Because of this, Ammo-matique is no longer able to auto-switch ammo while in combat. It still attempts to switch ammo while out of combat and it can provide a warning if the ammo should be changed but you're in combat, and prompt you to do it manually.

Currently supported features

  • Automatic discovery and ranking of ammo. The best ammo is referred to as the "premium", and the worst the "low-grade".
  • Automatic out-of-combat switching of ammo type (premium vs low-grade) depending on mob type and location, or PvP situation.
  • Warns if you are using the wrong ammo type and Ammo-matique is unable to swap it automatically (i.e. in-combat).
  • Warnings when the current ammo drops below a configured threshold, runs out, and when all ammo runs out.
  • Warning in the default chat window.
  • Warning in the standard error frame.
  • Warning by voice over (male and female voice sets available).
  • Automatic ammo restocking. This add-on can automatically buy ammo from vendors and keep you topped up to a configurable level.
  • Ammo bag designation. Keep all your ammo in the bag you specify, even when it's not a quiver/ammo pouch.
  • Integration with any LibDataBroker (LDB) display add-on, such as TitanPanel and ChocolateBar.
  • All features configurable via the standard menu (Esc -> Interface -> AddOns)
  • Keybinds for the common operations.
  • /ammo slash-command for macro access to Ammo-matique.
  • Support for AddonLoader, making Ammo-matique only load on characters which use ammo (hunters, warriors and rogues).

Localization support

  • enUS: full support
  • others: possible, but need translators
  • Full functionality should be available across all locales, starting with version 1.4beta2. Prior to this the auto-reloading would not work in non-US locales.

LDB support

Ammo-matique now has LDB support, meaning it integrates with display addons like Titan Panel, ChocolateBar, etc. It provides the current ammo count (color coded based on ammo quality) and ammo icon, as well as list of the available ammo as a tooltip. Left-clicking toggles equipped premium/lowgrade (out-of-combat only). Right-clicking brings up the configuration dialog. FuBar users can use the Broker2FuBar plugin to enable Ammo-matique and other LDB plugins in FuBar.

Planned features

  • Due to Blizzard's intentions of removing ammo completely in Cataclysm, no further development is expected. If there are bugs found before Cataclysm, they may get fixed, but no new features will be added.

Known issues

  • Ammo changing for bosses in instances does not work in most cases. Due to ammo going away entirely in Cataclysm, and this issue being surprisingly difficult to resolve, I have no plans on providing a fix. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • On zoning/logging in it can sometimes issue the "all ammo exhausted" warning, even though you have ammo. This seems to be due to the game not providing all bag contents for inspection by the addon at that stage, because the local cache isn't ready yet. As it is, the warning is harmless (though somewhat annoying).
  • Should you manage to find a (new) bug, please use the ticket system to provide feedback.


  • Stable.


  • If you like this add-on, you might want to look at Track-o-Matique as well.

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  • Avatar of jtpowell jtpowell Mar 07, 2010 at 22:27 UTC - 0 likes

    Ran 10 man Onyxia last night for the first time since downloading the latest version of Ammo-matique. The addon didn't recognize the raid, and did not show the usual "Do you want to configure the addon" prompt. I had to change ammo manually during the course of the fight. The addon worked properly for Naxx, Ulduar, and 10 man ToC both before and after running Onyxia.

  • Avatar of Anyia3 Anyia3 Jun 28, 2009 at 02:22 UTC - 0 likes

    Please open a ticket and paste in the actual error message. I haven't been using a quiver/pouch since the change went through, and have not seen any problems related to that so far. The "ammo bag" functionality of Ammo-matique is simply a house-keeping feature to keep your ammo the regular bag you specify.

  • Avatar of baze11e baze11e May 01, 2009 at 17:03 UTC - 0 likes


    seems to kick up an error if you don't use an ammo pouch/quiver.

    I dont use pouch/quiver since Blizzard have change the new stack size on ammo, so ammo bags are unlikly to be used much these days for that reason.



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