Change log

tag 0.7
Talryn <>
2012-08-28 05:32:48 -0400

Tag as 0.7 for 5.0


    - Update TOC for 5.0.
    - Add a debug flag and some output for watching the updates at logon.
    - Fix issues with guild log reporting.
    - Fixing two global variables pointed out by ckaotik.
    - Clean up the pkgmeta file.
    - Add clipboard copy instructions for guild export.
    - Update guild export status format phrase key
    - Localize the guild export status format.
    - Improvements to guild export. * Change guild export alts delimiter to a comma. * Add guild export status text to show number of characters exported.
    - Add more safety checks to the guild export.
    - Add tostring to be overly cautious on the guild export.
    - Added option to disable some chat processing in combat (on by default).  Some code cleanup.
    - Adding new pattern for [name]
    - Adding additional checks on names.  Updated TOC for 4.3
    - Fixing issue with guild alt detection when names have foreign characters.
    - Updated TOC for 4.2
    - Missing AceDBOptions in embeds.
    - Added contrib export.  Switched string to localized version.  Disabled multiline edit accept buttons.
    - Changing (altname) format so it must be at the start of the note.
    - Adding options to control guild/friend/ignore logging.
    - Updates for 4.1
    - More work on guild log, contrib, and export
    - Added multiple new features.  Still in progress though.
    - Added tracking of last online.
    - Added option to turn off main names in chat.  Supressed display of main for current player in chat.
    - Enabled the /alts handler.
    - Pulling in new version of LibAlts.
    - Making all frames movable.
    - Moved to wowace localization.  Added options to lock and remember the main window position.
    - Added AKA: for guild import.  Added ability to move main window and option to save position.
    - Initial support for chat alt linking.  Added more command line options to test LibAlts.
    - Added option to report on missing mains for guild imports
    - Updating TOC for 4.0.1.  Added an Add Main button.  LDB clicking now toggles options/main window.
    - Added delete main window
    - Adding space before version number in tooltip
    - Adding .pkgmeta
    - Initial checkin
    - "alts/mainline: Initial Import"


Uploaded on
Aug 28, 2012
Game version
  • 5.0.4
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