all toons to regenerate the data.

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Alt-Left-Click to purge character data

Alt-Right-Click to hide a character

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Bar XP as %

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Character data for %s purged

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%d / %d (%.2f%%) Rested (%.1f%%)

DISPLAY_BARVALUES_DESC Check to display XP Values on the LDB Display Bar

DISPLAY_BARXPPERC_DESC Check to display XP on the LDB bar as a percentage

Display Class Colors

DISPLAY_CLASSCOLORS_DESC Check to color names by class

DISPLAY_DEBUG_DESC Check to enable DEBUG messages

DISPLAY_EXCLUDE_MAXLEVEL_DESC Check to exclude max level players from the display

DISPLAY_HIDE_THIS_TOON_DESC Check this option to hide toon from all other displays

DISPLAY_HIDETPCHAT_DESC Check to hide the 'Time Played' output in the ChatFrame

Display Level

DISPLAY_LEVEL_DESC Check to display character level

Display Location

DISPLAY_LOCATION_DESC Check to show current location in the tooltip

Display Options

DISPLAY_OPTIONS_DESC Options dealing with the displays of the plugin

DISPLAY_RESTED_DESC Check to display Rested XP percentage

Display Rested XP

DISPLAY_SESSION_DESC Check to display XP gained this session

Display Session XP

DISPLAY_SHORTNUMS_DESC Check to shorten numbers (eg, 1000000 becomes 1m, 1000 becomes 1k)

DISPLAY_TIMELEVEL_DESC Check to display time played this level

Display Time Played

DISPLAY_TIMEPLAYED_DESC Check to display total time played

Display Time This Level

Display Total Time Played