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English: Track daily kills of |TInterface\\Icons\\spell_nature_natureswrath:0|tDeathtalon, |TInterface\\Icons\\Ability_Warrior_SecondWind:0|tTerrorfist, |TInterface\\Icons\\Spell_Shadow_SummonSuccubus:0|tVengeance and |TInterface\\Icons\\ability_vehicle_siegeenginecannon:0|tDoomroller.
The string contains icon tags, each next to the name of the rare that is representing in the grid. The icon tags start with |T and end with |t and don't need to be localized (though the names of the rares and the rest of the string does).
Current Korean: |TInterface\\Icons\\spell_nature_natureswrath:0|t죽음갈퀴, |TInterface\\Icons\\Ability_Warrior_SecondWind:0|t공포주먹, |TInterface\\Icons\\Spell_Shadow_SummonSuccubus:0|t복수, |TInterface\\Icons\\ability_vehicle_siegeenginecannon:0|t파멸바퀴 일일 처치 여부를 추적합니다.
Translated by Elnarfim Aug 20, 2015
Previous Korean: 타나안 희귀 잡은 것 표시
Translated by SinSunS Jul 16, 2015
English: Track Hellbane rares
Current Korean: 지... 지옥으로 가버렷! 업적 희귀몹 추적
Translated by Elnarfim Aug 22, 2015