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1) Added slider to let users set the minimum level threshold. Characters whose level is below that threshold won't show in the tooltip. The default value is max level, which is the current behavior. We will no longer auto tweak that value (to max level - 1) during seasonal holidy bosses like Corin Direbrew.
2) The Valor and Conquest points will now show either the amount you've gained this week or the total amount gained depending on which will cap first. For example, say you start the week with 2700 Valor points. The cell will show your total VP value. Now lets say you gain 300 valor without spending any and hit the total cap. The cell will be red to show you cannot gain more and will show the value of 3000 as an indicator that you need to spend. You then go and purchase a VP item and the cell changes to show 300, the amount you've earned this week. On reaching the weekly cap the cell changes to red with no number shown indicating that the task is complete for the week.
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add tracker for Nalak


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