Change log

    - auras: unchecking the "animation" option disables *all* animations.
    - auras: animation smoothness !
    - auras: fade in non-important buffs.
    - auras: rewrote widget animation without using the buggy animation system.
    - auras: reverse the cooldown frame.
    Now it starts empty and fills the icon as expiration comes.
    - Smoother animations.
    - Added a README file.
    - Licensed with GPL v3.
    - auras: do not animate encounter debuffs.
    Some of them have strange mechanics that makes them flashing continuously.
    - cooldowns: added some Shaman cooldowns and the 9th rank of Lifeblood.
    Fixed #1.
    - auras: removed some druid and warlock auras ; added warlock's dark soul.
    - cooldowns: ignore autocast spells.
    - auras: add an animation to highlight important auras.
    - auras: fix an issue with the handler created with OwnAuraGetter.
    - Updated Auras so that each handler can add several icons.
    - Display buffs from trinkets and enchantments using LibItemBuffs-1.0.
    - Fixed handling of pet spells.
    - Fixed .pkgmeta.
    - Do not mess with spell overlay we didn't created.
    - LibSpellWidget-1.0: shrink count text to fit the widget.
    - LibSpellWidget-1.0: show counts over 9999 as %dk.
    - Fixed a regression.
    - Display some auras for Monks.
    - Fixed the display of Keg Smash and Fists of Fury cooldowns.
    - Added some cooldowns of Monks.
    - Added Warlocks' Singe Magic.
    - Display cooldowns for character under level 10.
    - Use LibSpellbook-1.0 to check spells.
    - Auras: do not check for existing spells, watch them all.
    - Auras: actually scan the spell book to check known spells.
    - Added some auras and cooldowns for demonology.
    - Display more auras, including Heroism/Bloodlust and encounter debuffs.
    - Added new talent and spell cooldowns of hunters.
    - TOC bump.
    - Added more warlock spell and talent cooldowns.
    - Fixed specialization detection.
    - Added Conflagrate.
    - Removed some debug.
    - Fixed an error on login.
    - Added some warlock spells.
    - Auras: added some spells for hunters.
    - Auras: issue a warning if a spell cannot be found.
    - Fixed an error with pets in the cooldown module.
    - Added an option to disable some auras.
    - Added a configuration panel.
    - Fixed the layout.
    - Auras: added an alpha setting.
    - Auras: fixed icon parenting.
    - Fixed Swift Rejuvenation.
    - Added Harmony and Swift Rejuvenation support for restokins.
    - Anchor auras left from the center of the screen.
    - Source headers updated.
    - Added a new module that shows interesting auras.
    - Embedded the brand new LibSpellWidget-1.0 library.
    - Fixed for 5.x.
    - Fixed the display of remaining time of spell overlays.
    - Removed left-over animation code.
    - Added more druid cooldowns.
    - Hopefully properly update proc countdown.
    - Added Starsurge to the list of Balance cooldowns to watch.
    - Got rid of Blizzard animations as they are buggy as hell.
    - Global leak prevented.
    - Avoid the "timer" error on login.
    - Fixed the cooldown animation.
    - Append the pet name to pet cooldowns.
    - Display pet spell cooldowns, when autocast is disabled.
    - Added (un)lock options to all modules.
    - Added a moving overlay to the Cooldonws frame.
    - Cooldowns: use our own animation.
    - SpellOverlay: added an option to enable/disable the module and allow to move/scale the overlays.
    - Added the proper method to module proto so they can be enabled/disabled with options.
    - Various bugfixes so the cooldown module works.
    - Cooldowns: added some aspect and timing options.
    - Cooldowns: properly handle the spell/item options.
    - Cooldowns: properly handle SPELLS_CHANGED and UNIT_INVENTORY_CHANGED events.
    - Drycoded options for the cooldown module.
    - Cooldowns: update cooldowns only once per frame even if SPELL_UPDATE_COOLDOWN is fired more often.
    - Cooldowns: update the cooldowns even if it was enabled before CheckActivation.
    - Cooldowns: monitor equipped items.
    - Cooldowns: more hunter spells, and racials.
    - Fixed spell overlay countdown when it reachs 0.
    - Use Blizzard's spell overlay for cooldown feedback.
    - Ignore cooldowns below 1.5s and do not bother about conditionned cooldowns.
    - Added some hunter spells.
    - Cooldowns: properly check activation ASAP.
    - Use our own timer to check when cooldowns end.
    - Allow module to send debug messages.
    - Cooldown module stub.
    - Changed "in" animation duration.
    - First version, with working spell overlays.


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Nov 09, 2013
Game version
  • 5.4.1
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