Change log

tag v1.0
Adirelle <>
2010-04-07 10:24:08 +0200

Tagging as "v1.0".


    - Fixed some bugs introduced by the possibility to enable/disable bars.
    - On second thought, do not allow nolib packages.
    - Prepared for wowace packaging.
    - Take avantage of latest LibMovable 1.0 to allow to disable casting bars.
    - Updated embedded LibMovable-1.0.
    - Added LibMovable-1.0 as a optional dependency.
    - Fixed vehicle related error.
    - Simplifed function arguments.
    - Typo.
    - Fixed nil error on interruptible events.
    - Hopefully fixed target glitches.
    - Use 3.3 namespaces.
    Debug outputting through tekDebug.
    Fixed Autoshot (and the likes) to "interrupt" channeled spell bars.
    - Fixed an event name typo that prevented to display target interruptiion.
    Have interrupted spell bars stick around longer before fading out.
    - Fixed TOC Title and Note.
    - TOC bump.
    - Fixed DK's GCD spell id.
    - Removed debug statement.
    - Do not spawn an additionnal frame just to listen to ADDON_LOADED.
    - Better implementation of vehicle swapping.
    - Updated embedded LibAdiEvent-1.0.
    - Minor tweaks.
    - Display vehicle spells as player ones.
    - Fixed bad visual offset of the GCD spark.
    - Updated LibMovable-1.0.
    - Embedded LibStub.
    - Fixed GCD related error at login.
    - Removed debug statement.
    - Added global cooldown indicator.
    - Embedded library update.
    - Fixed channeled spell updates.
    Now use default Blizzard colors for bars.
    - Prevent spell name from overlapping casting time.
    - LibMovable-1.0: put overlay in frame strata "HIGH".
    - Now handle each spell latency separately to prevent swings/auto shots to interfer.
    - LibMovable-1.0: removed trailing whitespaces.
    - LibMovable-1.0.lua fixed iterator infinite loop.
    - Use Blizzard casting id to prevent messing up with spellcasts.
    - Added /acb and /adicastbar chat commands to unlock bars.
    - LibMovable-1.0: postpone overlay creation, provide handy iterators, revamped internals.
    - Always use GameFontWhite.
    Fixed texture updates.
    - Fill/empty the bar when fading out on SPELLCAST_STOP/SPELLCAST_CHANNEL_STOP.
    - LibMovable-1.0: fixed tooltip, fixed protected frame handling, fixed default handling.
    - Added LibMovable-1.0.
    - Fixed delay display.
    Tweaked update code.
    - First version.


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Apr 07, 2010
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